Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Up North.

Thank you for your patience dear reader..I'm going through an interesting...challenging and in many  ways a healing time in my life. I've totally lost the desire for creating my own artwork for the time being. I'm concentrating on looking after my health..my blood pressure has decreased somewhat but is still too high...my medication is increased each time I see my doctor and i'm having regular blood tests to monitor their effect on my kidneys etc...
This weekend saw friends travel up to North Berwick in Scotland to witness and celebrate the marriage of two dear friends. I've never really been a wedding photographer...if i'm honest I'm not that keen on photographing people at events. i prefer to keep those things in my heart as memories. I like landscape photos of the places I've been.
Above and immediately below are two photos I took at sunrise on Sunday morning. I took a walk n my own along the beach and found a deep peace in the solitude.

Very different from the night before when a terrific storm lashed the coast. the photo below shows some fairly substantial boulders which had been picked up by the waves and deposited where you see them.

I'm undergoing a time of renewal...a time of endings...a time of exciting new adventures. Please bear with me..that pen will be attracting my attention once again....!

Monday, December 10, 2012

More on the knitting stuff.

Well...here's a photo of today's progress. I've now finished the rib which although isn't in rib stitch, is the border at the bottom of the sweater. I've since moved onto the main body of the pattern. Below is a picture from the Kaffe Fassett book which shows what the sweater will look like hopefully!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Knitting progress.

Here's a rather blurry photo of my progress today...it's actually the second attempt as the first one seemed to have gained a stitch and threw all my calculations out...the red is knitted on smaller needles and forms a fold under cuff to the hem..it will be stitched into place after making up the garment. The rows with dots in are the hem of the back and are not ribbed. the pattern will continue in diagonal stripes lie the book illustration my knitting is photographed against.I shall of course be using similar colours to the ones you see knitted here.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Knitting as a lifesaver.

I'm finding it difficult to apply myself to anything at the moment. My blood pressure although decreased is still too high, my doctor has doubled the medication i'm on which has the effect of making me feel drained of energy...tired, needing sleep during the day.

But to the rescue this week has come some lovely very valuable friends who've given me morning coffee...wine ..chats...and along with this has come a renewed desire to return to knitting. Yes, i'm actually quite a good knitter last drawing my pins in anger back in 2004. I love the designs of Kaffe Fassett and have knitted a few of his sweater patterns in the past. So I've chosen one to start. My father in Law gave me a little money for my birthday so today I popped off down town to buy me some yarn. above is an instagram photo I took of the colour choices i made.

I've begun work already and hope to be able to bring you progress over the weekend. I love it..and I hope I'll have something wonderful at the end....see you soon!