Friday, March 21, 2014

Cross Country - 8

Back to work on this piece today thankfully...I've extended the hedging across the horizon and worked on the basic forms of the grasses...there's still a long way to go.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Cross Country - 7

Feeling much more myself recovery from my week at work is shorter this time than it's been since I started. So was able to apply myself to my dotting...and as a muchly welcome bonus, I felt a return of my desire to run...I'm much lighter and fitter since I started work...and this showed in my running time. I managed to knock over 5 mins of my previous best time this year, I also took it easy not pushing myself, so I'll be potentially be able to go even faster next body felt like a car that's had an mot and full all i need is to be able to afford new tyres ( running shoes) and I'll be even faster!

Heres a photo of the progress today...I've begun work on the goldfish bowl too! Eagle eyed viewers will notice that the fish are now facing eachother...kissing fish!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Cross Country - 6

I'm currently working three days a week doing THE most physical job I've ever done. I work three ten hour shifts in a very busy ceramics factory, my main role (ahem) is to roll clay on a large manually powered roller...I make hundreds of sheets of clay each day...and they're weighty!! The down side has been that I'm exhausted most of the time...and recovery on my days off has been slow...but it's getting shorter and I'm getting fitter! Weight has dropped off replaced by muscle...and I'm now less tired. This has of course had a knock on effect with my artwork. The time I've felt able to work has decreased rather alarmingly. But I've always known this will be the case....I've always been aware that the level of energy I have was going to be low whilst I became used to the effort needed to fulfill my job.

Thi sis now happening and today I felt rather energized for the first time...hence I was able to get back to work on my'll probably be forgiven for asking what I've done. Well it's more work on the sky...not too difficult and it gives me time to get used to the delicacy of pen work I have to hands feel clumsy and are scarred from my job.

I thought I'd just include a photo of the train I'm depicting in this picture. It's a Voyager class 220 built here in Derby, England. and it's aboard these trains that I travel to stay in York every other week. The journey fills me with utter joy!