Friday, March 07, 2014

Cross Country - 7

Feeling much more myself recovery from my week at work is shorter this time than it's been since I started. So was able to apply myself to my dotting...and as a muchly welcome bonus, I felt a return of my desire to run...I'm much lighter and fitter since I started work...and this showed in my running time. I managed to knock over 5 mins of my previous best time this year, I also took it easy not pushing myself, so I'll be potentially be able to go even faster next body felt like a car that's had an mot and full all i need is to be able to afford new tyres ( running shoes) and I'll be even faster!

Heres a photo of the progress today...I've begun work on the goldfish bowl too! Eagle eyed viewers will notice that the fish are now facing eachother...kissing fish!