Friday, August 31, 2007

TLIR 8 -32hrs 30

I've not progressed much today, but I'm liking what I'm doing. I had a nice surprise today when I had a comment (see yesterdays post) from a friend of Preeti's who lives in Taiwan. VJ said some very nice things and told me she had looked on Wikipedia for information on 'Hyperpointillism'..finding none she has very kindly inserted a piece which is now attached to the definition of 'pointillism'. Thank you VJ.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

TLIR 7 - 29hrs 30

I've decided to call this picture 'The Lady In Red'. It should have in brackets after it 'the Man With Red Eyes''s so intense working..i don't think I've ever put so much into such a small space...( and for what?)Despite having been away on holiday a few weeks ago..I'm feeling exhausted..when ever I read about the artists I admire down the ages, they never seem to have had to contend with children on school holidays who seem to be unable to motivate themselves beyond the television or games console.It seems ever more to be that the longer I go on , the bigger my dreams become and the smaller the chances of them coming to fruition...

I'll try to be more positive tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TLIR 6 - 23hrs 55

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TLIR 5 - 17 hrs15

It is rather voyeuristic...each morning I've come to this picture and caught myself thinking.."He's still there!..what's he up to?"..I initially thought he was using a mobile telephone..but now I think he's rolling a cigarette...he's certainly oblivious to everything else that's going on.

I've started on the stonework of the building..I like working on's quite like putting pieces of a jigsaw together..odd geometric shapes that when viewed look like walls and arches....I'm thinking back to the old Magritte picture 'This is not a pipe'...I should be saying..'This is not a man out side the Library'. It's a collection of carefully placed dots of ink which resemble the form of a man outside the library.

Monday, August 27, 2007

TLIR 4 - 12hrs 50

As you can see..I've not actually done much work see it's a public holiday here, plus my family are back from camp, and we've had a couple of friends round to eat wit it's been a relaxed day with good weather. I've also listened to England play India in a One Day International cricket match..(have I ever told you I'm a fan of the Cricket?)...was a very close match which England won taking them 2 - 1 up in the series.

despite this I've worked on establishing the leaves in the'll see the area of image increase slowly for the next few days as this part is quite dark...the area in the right of the picture is very light, when I get there it will progress quickly.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

TLIR 3 - 10 hrs20

Today I've put a telephone kiosk into the background and extended the picture upwards..there's a nice atmosphere developing to this one.To me it feels relaxed....maybe it's me that's relaxed..what with there being no children around this week!!! I spoke to Jan who expects then to leave their camp this evening and be back around midnight.

Today also I am once again challenged to think about how often I take things for granted. Don't you find it amazing that you can sit at your keyboard and be in contact with people in all parts of the World?..isn't it wonderful? I could never have hoped to speak to you and share my work with such a wide audience if it were not for this Interwebby thing!,if someone out there can invent a Transporter device a la Star Trek, then we could all meet and have a party!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

TLIR 2 - 7Hrs 35

I have worked on strengthening the contrasts, putting in the parked bicycles and extending the picture upwards to include leaves. I've only worked for four hours on this today as it involves a high level of concentration..and there have been plenty of distractions. This seems odd to say since Jan and the kids are still away camping in Wales and won't be back until late tomorrow evening. My friend 'Devilmood' who writes the Blog : 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride' ( which I recommend you to visit) wonders along with me why more couples don't take holidays apart. Jan is very happy taking Sam Will and Annie camping, and I am happy getting a few days of total quiet to draw and taste wine (he euphemistically quips!)....

I must take this opportunity to answer those who have questioned why I'm not 'famous'..In truth, i don't want to be famous..just able to take my responsibility in my family and earn enough to pay the bills. I've waited all my life for the time I'm having now having been made redundant from my work as Residential Social Worker of many was the kick I needed, and without it, I wouldn't have been able to embark on the work I am now doing.

Life often throws a surprise or two..often we can't see the reasons why at the time, but if you can grasp an opportunity (blind ignorance is often needed) and take a step into the can change things...the only barrier is fear! a favourite author of mine (Frank Herbert) wrote in his book 'Dune'.."Fear is the mind killer..I will let it approach, I will face it and I will let it pass over me, and I will continue"(paraphrased )..but the essence is there.What do you dream of?....what are you waiting for?

Friday, August 24, 2007

TLIR 1 - 4 Hrs30

Close up of man outside the Library..sadly only a 3 .2 meg pixel camera so definition is not good!
The crucial time in any of my pictures is around the five hour mark. I always time how long I spend on a picture so if I ever come to sell it, I will know how much to charge (Seurat used to do this too !)The time recorded does not include lunch/tea breaks and so you can be sure that it really represents actual pen on paper time.You can see alongside the title to each post the current time taken. The quickest picture I've done in this style took about 7 hours. the longest..was I think about 152 hours.
It's sometimes difficult to know where to start dotting. I often decide on a face or something that can easily be messed up..if that happens it's easier to start again rather than work 70 hours then have to scrap it.
Thank you for all your very kind words..I'm not actually very good at 'networking'..I try not to spend a long time on the computer because as you know..five minutes quickly becomes three hours!! I shall attempt to visit the blogs of those who have left comments. Bye for now!

Here we go again. The Lady In Red sketch.

Firstly..a huge 'Thank You' to Preeti who has posted a very flattering and moving tribute to yours truely on her blog site 'Just A Mother Of Two' which if you haven't already visited is a challenging , moving and inspirational site that uses every day instances combined with humnour and a deep experienced understanding of human nature and psychology to help the reader see things from a different point of view.

Above is the first sketch showing a scene I photographed yesterday. It's outside the entrance to the Central Library in Derby, and under a canopy of delicate leaves a man is using his mobile phone...however the central theme of the picture is the woman on the right. Amongst all the greenery and grey of the street..she was wearing a vivid red top which made her stand out..I quickly snapped the scene and will render my version of it here over the next few weeks. I must point out to you eagle eyed readers that the initial drawing is from a tracing of the photo...I have no problem doing this as it was my photo in the first place and the 'Hyperpointillist' technique is the important part of the picture, not the drawing.

Please make a note to drop by when you can as each day I'll be posting an update of the previous days work. thank you for coming by my site..please feel free to comment on anything you've seen. In the meantime, why not click on 'Finished Pictures' and see what I've been up to over the last year.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Out and about

Here are the promised pictures..well a selection I should say..I've reserved a few for consideration for drawings. But here you can see the frontage of the famous 'Pak Food Store'..(yes ..that's its real name!)There are displays of wonderful fruit and veg on the street and there's always a crowd of eager shoppers from all over the city. Situated on Normanton Road, the store is in the middle of an area which over the years has seen a greater concentration of ethnic groups from around the world.
I find this area rich and teaming with life..and you just have to look at the variety of shops which huddle next to each other to gauge the makeup of the population. Today I listed shops advertising themselves as specifically stocking food and goods for many nationalities including the above..Polish, Latvian and Slovakian and Chinese.there were also shops advertising themselves as : Russian, Ukrainian, Kurdish, Pakistani, Kashmiri,Indian...and there was also an English shop somewhere in amongst them! What a wonderful place to live!!

Moving deeper into the city, here is the Victoria Street looking towards the old Derby Evening Telegraph building. there weren't many people about today..but this area is usually a very crowded busy place on Saturdays!

I'm looking up ST. Marys Gate here at the Cathedral.. along this road there are offices where you will find Solicitors(lawyers to you Americans!), Coroners, Social Services head office and the law courts.

Here I'm standing just at the base of the Cathedral tower looking up toward the Roman Catholic church ST Marys. A beautiful part of the city !A little way up from here on the right is the famous 'Ye Old Dolphin Inn' said to date back to 1530!
Here is the picturesque Saddler Gate..again strangely deserted..but you should see on a Saturday night as revelers fill the area!
Finally a view of ST James might notice that a lot of the streets in Derby are paved over as traffic is steadily banished from the city centre. A good thing if you ask me.
I've decided to work on a picture from my walk today which I hope you'll join me tomorrow to see me begin.

Finished Fence - 27 hrs 25 mins

Hot off the press..just finished this about 15 minutes ago.(click on the picture for a full size representation!) I'm happy with it. It seems to have come to an end quickly..I still haven't finalised ideas for the next one. However..I once talked about 'crowd scenes' where the figures were in shade creating bluey muted colours and indistinct forms..some of which were evident in my 'St Peters Street' picture . I have to go down into Derby today and it's a lovely warm sunny day. So I'll be taking my camera with me and hopefully find something to work with. I'll post some of the pics later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fence 7 - 24 hrs

Well..the predicted 24 hours to finish in was a little off...but I'm moving into the final phase can see I've added detail to the foreground and put the tree in on the right. I have to deepen the shades and add some yellow ochre into various areas, define the fence to the left of the tree.

Jan and the children are having a great time..our friends who were already there rang to ask Jan to make sure she took wellies for all to wear as the field was a mud bath...however the sun has shined since they arrived and dried up the mud!! I still think I made the right decision not to go though!

(I had a text message whilst writting this from Jan who tells me she didn't get the role she auditioned for on monday..)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fence 6 ...21hrs

I'm motoring along with this now..have spent a good length of time on this and will do yet more when I've finished writing this. there was a point today when I felt the 'magic spark'..this is what turns my interest in a composition into something more than just an exercises. I'm really enjoying the shadows in the grass over the fence. I've also had some lovely comments from PS, Devilmood and Bobkat..I'm really a very shallow person it seems, in that I respond really well to praise and try to do even better...So thank you for all the encouragement, you are part of the 'Magic' !!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fence 5 - 17 hrs

It's been a fairy hectic sort of a day. Firstly, Jan had to be in Nottingham for an audition at the Playhouse..she is hoping to join a tour of Nottinghamshire schools presenting a 'experiential' event for children with severe learning difficulties. She should hear during the next few days if she has been cast. Meanwhile, all was made ready for Jan and the kids to go camping. they are off to join friends of ours who are staying in a part of Wales camping. I may have mentioned before that I dislike camping!?..I feel it is something best suited to the aftermath of a earthquake or volcanic eruption...that is why I find myself 'Home alone' now until Sunday!!! So it's down to some serious drawing and 'Wine tasting'...although it's Bourbon tonight!

I am lucky in the respect that I like my own company....!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fence 4 - 13hrs

Filled in the foreground with a basic layer of green and yellow..will define the clumps of grass at a later date.The whole crux of the picture lies on the effect of the light shining through he branches..if I can get that right, then the rest should look OK.

Friday, August 17, 2007

fence 3 - 10:45

Putting the hours whilst the children are at home on holiday is difficult..I aim to get around 3-4 hours done each day at present. This should change next week as Jan is taking the children camping.(more of that in a later post) I hate camping and will not be going with them. So I will be home alone. I'll be able to work away to my hearts content without any interruptions. I shall also pursue my hobby of wine tasting! ;-)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fence - 1&2

I've decided it would be interesting to the reader if I included a record of the time spent up to when the photo was taken. So this picture was taken 6 hours and 50 minutes after beginning. I've started to build the layers of colour and get a good balance of contrasts.
At 4 hrs 50, I had put in the fence and tree trunk. It was important to establish the solid lines of the fence first as it dictates the way I add in the green beyond it..there needs to be highlights on the top of each arch to show the sun which is as usual shining towards me.
I'm feeling much happier now that I've got something on the go..I'm not very good at resting with regards to drawing. My mind is also currently on the next project which as it stands, will be a fantasy but this time perhaps in colour. Only time will tell...stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fence - Sketch

I've decided to fill in the time between my 'Fantasy' pictures by working on this landscape..if you click on the image it should be about full size. So won't take long. I've noticed that images like these are popular and prints sell well..should take around 24 hours or so to complete..?! It's based on a photograph I took last year in the playground where Annie plays after school when I collect her.The playground was upgraded earlier this year and so this scene is no more. It is incidentally on Rykneld Park..the subject of an earlier drawing called 'Rick Rec'. I hope you'll enjoy joining me each day to see how it develops!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why would I be anywhere else?


Lily Allen - LDN

Time to look at the world in a different way. Those of you who are regular readers will know about my preference for 'Dad Rock': ELO,Genesis etc.....(Genesis played to 500,000 in Rome last month!)..but here's something which might surprise you. I think it's a really clever video and is a song which transports me back to my 'Mental Beach' last 'Mental Beach'?'s where my mind goes when I sit on my deck chair on my patio.The video just goes to show that it's your atitude and what you bring to your day that colours the world.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I think that's about it.

There was once an art teacher who was famous for saying that when you start looking for things to do, then you should finish. So I think this is where I am with 'Games'..115 hours in total. It's almost an anti climax of sorts because irrespective of the picture, the actual act of working is something I need to do.

So it's a case of looking for the next project. As I've said many times before, I don't have a shortage of things I could develop, It's just a matter of catching the spark of inspiration that turns an idea into something that becomes an all consuming necessity.

Anyway..all I need to do for the present is to sit back and enjoy the conclusions that people come to when interpreting what the picture is about.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Games 31

Here's a look at what's going on with the rest of the composition. You can now see that everything is in place and that the end is not far off. I now need to work on the 'Dark Clown'..he's not supposed to show up looking like a cardboard cut out, so need some creases in his robes and better shading on his head.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Games 30

Completed the Globe Thistles up to a point today. I don't finish my signature usually until the rest of the picture is a bit more refining needs to be done around the lower left corner. Completed Tennis Girl's legs and started the work on the racket strings, some of which are not straight!...will be able to remedy that with a bit of patience.

Took my younger son Will and his friend to visit 'Warhammer World' which is the headquarters for 'The Games Workshop'..if you've never come across them before it's basically war gaming on table tops with figures..often fantasy themed and in our case 'Lord of The Rings' themed. Usually played by 'Geeks' and 40 year old virgins. But don't tell anyone, but I've got quite a good collection of LOTR figures !..and I'm not a geek or a virgin!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Games 29

I've just finished watching a DVD of the recent Tim Burton film 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'..of course I was familiar with the Gene Wilder version which incidentally Roald Dahl hated. this new version was a lot closer to the original. Tim Burton has always had a darker take on the world and in this film he conveys a sinister yet vulnerable Wonka. My children loved it as did I.

So many of our complex systems of understanding the world come from concepts established as fear of spiders came from an incident when I played with a brush from which a large hairy spider ran onto my hand..the scream from my Mother reinforced the fear I 'learnt' to own from then on. The son of a friend of my parents locked me in a cupboard when I was three..I now react against being in situations where I feel 'locked in '..not only physically but emotionally.This picture (whilst not actually telling you the exact meaning) is along those themes.

I'm really trying to finish this piece now. It seems never ending...I'm however reminded that Seurat spent a couple of years on his 'Grand Jatte 'painting!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Games 28

I've reached the 'hard labour' part of the instinct is to leave it and do something that excites..but here is where the important work is done..attention to the areas that Will not necessarily stand out, will mean the viewer will accept them as meaning to be there as opposed to standing out because they're half heartedly done ...know what I mean?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Games 27

Don't you just hate it?...just a couple of days after your holiday finishes, it feels as if you never went away at all?!..sitting down at my desk to resume work today felt like a chore...I'm ready to finish this now, but still have some way to go. Work on the thistles continues to grind along..the effect however is pleasing. I need to start applying my mind to what comes I mentioned before, I've lots of ideas and sketches..and a possible commission based on the lyrics of 'The Year Of the Cat' by Al much to do...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Honey I'm Home!

Back from holiday yesterday! We stayed in the small fishing port of Dunbar in the West of Scotland. Once the busiest Herring port in the country, Dunbar is still a working fishing port and is a growing centre for tourism.
The view from our flat at around 5:30 am. the North sea despite its cold ferocious reputation is beautiful in the sunrise.

We visited Dirlton Castle near North Berwick. In the grounds stand this curious building..can you guess what it was used for?

Dirlton Castle has existed on this site since 1300's and has seen its fair share of wartime guarding against the English .

Moon rise from our flat overlooking the old harbour.

My highlight was visiting the Scottish Aviation Museum, here are the afterburners of my favourite jet...The Tornado.

and here I am at the front end...(ok..just pretend you're interested!)

' The Concorde Experience' is a must for all join a guided tour of the inside and outside of the aircraft.

Here's the cockpit showing the many dials and levers. Did you know it could travel one mile every three seconds?

Wiliam took this picture of me..he said I looked like a Concorde Angel...(do you think he was after extra pocket money?)

Devil Mood this is for you...Lobster the colours!

Fishing nets and floats.
Was a lovely week, but it's a case of back to reallity now ..time to sharpen my pen and get back to work....stay tuned!