Thursday, August 09, 2007

Games 29

I've just finished watching a DVD of the recent Tim Burton film 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'..of course I was familiar with the Gene Wilder version which incidentally Roald Dahl hated. this new version was a lot closer to the original. Tim Burton has always had a darker take on the world and in this film he conveys a sinister yet vulnerable Wonka. My children loved it as did I.

So many of our complex systems of understanding the world come from concepts established as fear of spiders came from an incident when I played with a brush from which a large hairy spider ran onto my hand..the scream from my Mother reinforced the fear I 'learnt' to own from then on. The son of a friend of my parents locked me in a cupboard when I was three..I now react against being in situations where I feel 'locked in '..not only physically but emotionally.This picture (whilst not actually telling you the exact meaning) is along those themes.

I'm really trying to finish this piece now. It seems never ending...I'm however reminded that Seurat spent a couple of years on his 'Grand Jatte 'painting!


Devil Mood said...

Art can't be rushed! :)
I watched the Corpse Bride the other day, from Burton also. It was lovely.
I'm really liking that cathedral over there.

Bob-kat said...

Loks like it's nearly done! I love the detail of the plants.

I preferred the Burton version of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory too.

Thanks for your kind words recently. I'm still stressed but tomorrow I am having a day off!

Niall said...

DM..I need to watch Edward Scissorhands again too!

BK..yes,nearly done..I'll show a full view in the next day or the take that day off and be kind to yourself.