Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fence - 1&2

I've decided it would be interesting to the reader if I included a record of the time spent up to when the photo was taken. So this picture was taken 6 hours and 50 minutes after beginning. I've started to build the layers of colour and get a good balance of contrasts.
At 4 hrs 50, I had put in the fence and tree trunk. It was important to establish the solid lines of the fence first as it dictates the way I add in the green beyond it..there needs to be highlights on the top of each arch to show the sun which is as usual shining towards me.
I'm feeling much happier now that I've got something on the go..I'm not very good at resting with regards to drawing. My mind is also currently on the next project which as it stands, will be a fantasy but this time perhaps in colour. Only time will tell...stay tuned.


Devil Mood said...

Ok! So now we have a countdown...