Friday, August 10, 2007

Games 30

Completed the Globe Thistles up to a point today. I don't finish my signature usually until the rest of the picture is a bit more refining needs to be done around the lower left corner. Completed Tennis Girl's legs and started the work on the racket strings, some of which are not straight!...will be able to remedy that with a bit of patience.

Took my younger son Will and his friend to visit 'Warhammer World' which is the headquarters for 'The Games Workshop'..if you've never come across them before it's basically war gaming on table tops with figures..often fantasy themed and in our case 'Lord of The Rings' themed. Usually played by 'Geeks' and 40 year old virgins. But don't tell anyone, but I've got quite a good collection of LOTR figures !..and I'm not a geek or a virgin!