Thursday, August 23, 2007

Out and about

Here are the promised pictures..well a selection I should say..I've reserved a few for consideration for drawings. But here you can see the frontage of the famous 'Pak Food Store'..(yes ..that's its real name!)There are displays of wonderful fruit and veg on the street and there's always a crowd of eager shoppers from all over the city. Situated on Normanton Road, the store is in the middle of an area which over the years has seen a greater concentration of ethnic groups from around the world.
I find this area rich and teaming with life..and you just have to look at the variety of shops which huddle next to each other to gauge the makeup of the population. Today I listed shops advertising themselves as specifically stocking food and goods for many nationalities including the above..Polish, Latvian and Slovakian and Chinese.there were also shops advertising themselves as : Russian, Ukrainian, Kurdish, Pakistani, Kashmiri,Indian...and there was also an English shop somewhere in amongst them! What a wonderful place to live!!

Moving deeper into the city, here is the Victoria Street looking towards the old Derby Evening Telegraph building. there weren't many people about today..but this area is usually a very crowded busy place on Saturdays!

I'm looking up ST. Marys Gate here at the Cathedral.. along this road there are offices where you will find Solicitors(lawyers to you Americans!), Coroners, Social Services head office and the law courts.

Here I'm standing just at the base of the Cathedral tower looking up toward the Roman Catholic church ST Marys. A beautiful part of the city !A little way up from here on the right is the famous 'Ye Old Dolphin Inn' said to date back to 1530!
Here is the picturesque Saddler Gate..again strangely deserted..but you should see on a Saturday night as revelers fill the area!
Finally a view of ST James might notice that a lot of the streets in Derby are paved over as traffic is steadily banished from the city centre. A good thing if you ask me.
I've decided to work on a picture from my walk today which I hope you'll join me tomorrow to see me begin.


Ps said...

Nice virtual tour of Derby.(At least,your version of it!);-)
Loved the photos.

Bob-kat said...

That was great. Your virtual tour took me away from my work for a moment!

Devil Mood said...

Definitely a lovely place to live!
Only cities with hundreds of years have the same kind of magic and variety of things to offer.

Niall said...

Derby is a brilliant place to live..small enough to be friendly and big enough to ...well..big enough.My photo's do not show most of the city centre..there's lots more to see...perhaps i'll do another 'out and about' series another time.