Monday, August 06, 2007

Honey I'm Home!

Back from holiday yesterday! We stayed in the small fishing port of Dunbar in the West of Scotland. Once the busiest Herring port in the country, Dunbar is still a working fishing port and is a growing centre for tourism.
The view from our flat at around 5:30 am. the North sea despite its cold ferocious reputation is beautiful in the sunrise.

We visited Dirlton Castle near North Berwick. In the grounds stand this curious building..can you guess what it was used for?

Dirlton Castle has existed on this site since 1300's and has seen its fair share of wartime guarding against the English .

Moon rise from our flat overlooking the old harbour.

My highlight was visiting the Scottish Aviation Museum, here are the afterburners of my favourite jet...The Tornado.

and here I am at the front end...(ok..just pretend you're interested!)

' The Concorde Experience' is a must for all join a guided tour of the inside and outside of the aircraft.

Here's the cockpit showing the many dials and levers. Did you know it could travel one mile every three seconds?

Wiliam took this picture of me..he said I looked like a Concorde Angel...(do you think he was after extra pocket money?)

Devil Mood this is for you...Lobster the colours!

Fishing nets and floats.
Was a lovely week, but it's a case of back to reallity now ..time to sharpen my pen and get back to work....stay tuned!


Devil Mood said...

Oh, those are lovely!
It's not the beach holiday most people want but it makes an interesting change.
That building looks like a giant beehive! lol
Why is that picture for me in particular? Am I a renouned lobster murderer? ;) But, yes, the colours are very nice. There were lots of fishing acessories down there in the Algarve, mostly for shellfish.

Niall said...

DM..I really should have dedicated both the Lobster pots and was because they reminded me of the post card you sent me..(the doors remember?)..:-)

Ps said...

Wow! U did have a great holiday.Loved the sunrise pic (ain't i predictable!) Also loved the concorde angel and the fishing nets and floats.
Lovely Niall.

Devil Mood said...

Oh, okay, I get it :)