Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fence 6 ...21hrs

I'm motoring along with this now..have spent a good length of time on this and will do yet more when I've finished writing this. there was a point today when I felt the 'magic spark'..this is what turns my interest in a composition into something more than just an exercises. I'm really enjoying the shadows in the grass over the fence. I've also had some lovely comments from PS, Devilmood and Bobkat..I'm really a very shallow person it seems, in that I respond really well to praise and try to do even better...So thank you for all the encouragement, you are part of the 'Magic' !!!


Ps said...

How does responding to praise make you a shallow person?Aren't we all human?! One has to be a buddha if one is not supposed to get affected by others!