Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finished Fence - 27 hrs 25 mins

Hot off the press..just finished this about 15 minutes ago.(click on the picture for a full size representation!) I'm happy with it. It seems to have come to an end quickly..I still haven't finalised ideas for the next one. However..I once talked about 'crowd scenes' where the figures were in shade creating bluey muted colours and indistinct forms..some of which were evident in my 'St Peters Street' picture . I have to go down into Derby today and it's a lovely warm sunny day. So I'll be taking my camera with me and hopefully find something to work with. I'll post some of the pics later.


Devil Mood said...

The world is your oyster, Niall, you can pick up anything and create a piece of art with it, so go ahead.
It looks really nice, it even makes me blink when I look at the place where the sun is :)

Niall said...

That's very kind of you to say so..Also i like to think that I can dreate the appearance of light..I love it when someone is affected by my work.

Bob-kat said...

I love this. You capture the light so wonderfully. This piece is luminescent!

Niall said...

BK...I love the effect of looking into the light..all the books tell you that you shouldn' that's a good reason to do it!!

Jonice said...

I am delighted with this picture. Besides being able to bathe in its light I can feel the welcome freshness in the shade. Seems like I jumped over the fence and had a good time strolling by.
I'm so glad PS wrote that lovely post about you so that I could come here.