Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fence - Sketch

I've decided to fill in the time between my 'Fantasy' pictures by working on this landscape..if you click on the image it should be about full size. So won't take long. I've noticed that images like these are popular and prints sell well..should take around 24 hours or so to complete..?! It's based on a photograph I took last year in the playground where Annie plays after school when I collect her.The playground was upgraded earlier this year and so this scene is no more. It is incidentally on Rykneld Park..the subject of an earlier drawing called 'Rick Rec'. I hope you'll enjoy joining me each day to see how it develops!


Devil Mood said...

Will it be super-green? I hope so. I think that's why people like it because green is really relaxing for the eyes. They want something in their walls that they can escape to.

Niall said...

If it's green you want..then you won't be disappointed!