Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fence 7 - 24 hrs

Well..the predicted 24 hours to finish in was a little off...but I'm moving into the final phase can see I've added detail to the foreground and put the tree in on the right. I have to deepen the shades and add some yellow ochre into various areas, define the fence to the left of the tree.

Jan and the children are having a great time..our friends who were already there rang to ask Jan to make sure she took wellies for all to wear as the field was a mud bath...however the sun has shined since they arrived and dried up the mud!! I still think I made the right decision not to go though!

(I had a text message whilst writting this from Jan who tells me she didn't get the role she auditioned for on monday..)


Devil Mood said...

It's almost finished! Very nice :)
Shame about Jan and her role - it must be so nerve-wrecking to be looking for jobs all the time. And I really admire you for sticking to what you like to do, even though it doesn't give much guarantees of regular income, I'm guessing.

Tim Young said...

picture is looking amazing.

Hey Niall i want to tag you to write 8 things about your self..Players start with eight random fact/habits about themselves.

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Ps said...

Pity that Jan did not get the role.
The picture is looking great, as usual.

Niall said...

DM..It is true to say that sometimes it gets a little fraught..(thank goodness for the overdraught!!)but money usually comes in,just not regularly.

Tim..Didn't we do a Tag like this a few weeks ago?..never the less..I'll do one soon.

PS..yeah..Jan really wanted it too..the process of auditions is very labour intensive..Jan has a series of audition pieces which usually does..but sometimes the theatre/company tell you what they this case it was two pieces of acting unaccompanied song, and a piece on the violin.She was able to do all of them.