Friday, October 31, 2008

Kay - 3 the cat and the Flapjack

I think I'm happy with the hair and much happier now that I've added light blue into the skin tones of the face . the majority of the picture is in tones similar to the wall behind Kay..which enables the figure to stand'll see better as it develops.

Yesterday, as I was sitting down for my morning coffee..I thought, what about a piece of that flap jack in the kitchen?..Jan had baked some the night before but it was how shall I describe it..'crisp'...I lifted a piece from the tin which was on the work surface. It was difficult to sink my teeth into but had a distinctive flavour.I put the piece into my mouth whole and proceeded to try and suck it into submission. Then I thought..ah ha!..don't leave the rest out...put it into a covered i got a knife and began to lift the individual pieces ...however, they began to fall apart.this shouldn't happen I thought due to the extended time they'd had in the was then that i had my 'miss Marple' moment...the flap jack open to the elements..which earlier had been covered by a tea towel..the cat that had run into the front room dragging a tea towel in it's mouth...the sodden pieces of flapjack...the kitty litter tray shaped baking tin..the distinctive (but unknown) flavour....My powers of deduction arrived at the only about you..does your conclusion match mine?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kay - 2

I'm getting to the point where the contrast in the hair is about right..i intend to strengthen the eyes a little more and start adding flesh tones to the shoulders and arms.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kay - 1

If I thought work on this piece was going to be quick...i was least whilst I'm taking great pains to get the eyes nose and mouth correct..don't get me wrong..this something I relish.I think once I'm happy with the face, it will be relatively plain sailing from then on.This photo was taken under my daylight looks so washed out , tomorrow i'll make sure you get the right representation.

Finding time to work is at the moment is's the school's half term holidays ..Jan is busy every day rehearsing for a busy 64 date tour which begins on Friday, so we don't actually see much of each other...when we do it is as if we are purely business partners..this has been our condition for some time now, so we make decisions about the practicalities of the kids are my priority..the big lads argue and demand money..stay in bed till afternoon..stink and eat and ignore any request that emanates from me!..(why is it that their Mum can utter a single word and they fall over themselves to obey?)'s a major issue trying to get my 13 year old to take a shower which he somehow seems to think he will only do it if I pay him, where he gets these ridiculous ideas from is beyond me!! the stress and anxiety all this causes is enough to throw my sensibilities into disarray thus rendering me incapable of reaching the desired level of concentration to work... then Annie has a fairly complex list of play dates and sleepovers ..and believe me, it would be so easy to take the easy her in front of the TV, but I try not to. Some times..just some times..I find a quiet oasis in the day to work...until the next meal is due....and it's me who cooks it.

OK..rant over..thanks for listening..I'll be back to my boring old self tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Favourite Artists - Jim Burns

Jim Burns was born in 1948 in Cardiff, Wales.After a time in the Royal Airforce, he joined Newport School Of Art to do a Foundation Year in art and design.After this he went on to complete his diploma at St. Martins School of art, London. Working for newly established arts agency 'Arena' who he still works for. today he is one of the foremost contemporary science fiction illustrators of our time. He won the 'Hugo award for best professional artist' three times( The only non American to have won it).
I love his work's grandeur and contrasting images of people set against huge mechanical machines and space ships.Browse through any sci - fi section at your library or bookstore and you'll see covers by Burns.He also worked briefly with film director Riddley Scott for the design of the movie 'Blade Runner'.
I hope you enjoy the pictures here can find further examples at: Jim Burns

If copyrite has been breached by my inclusion of any of the above images, I apologise and will remove if requested to do so.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oskur der Wyld Munkee.."its mee..Ey kan droor!"

Elow! Oskur der Wylde munkee ear agen! yoo myt remebur dat ey riyt foor mi mastur wen ee iz avin a dey iz verryee tyurd. sew ey fort dat ee izunt ser ownlee woan oo iz a arrtyzt..ey kan droor azwel! EEr iz a pikchur ov mee..itz a cellf pourtarayt..doo yoo lyk it?..iyt tuk mee ur lonng tym tu doo annd a lot ov beeuur and bernarnurz...hic!...ey fink ey wyl treye tu du a payntyng necks tyme.

Iv yu wont, ey kan cel yu mi pikchur..iyt iz ownlee a fouzand powndz..veree cheep foor ur werc ov arrt wot iyt iz! won dey ey wyl bee a faymuss artyzt..butt ey downt fink sew..ey fink dur mastur wud bee a gud faymuss artyzt..dur ownlee trubbel iz nott ded yet...hoe wel...

ey av tu gow nouw and ruun der baff foor dur mastur...gud biy fanz...siee yu sooown.

luv oskur

xxxxxxxxx z and bernarnurz.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finished Balcony.

Derby Westfield Centre opening day 9-10-07.
(October 2008)
25 x 11 cm.
I'm proud to present the finished picture..and for once I'm happy with the reproduction here of the colours.I've had to fiddle around with the settings on my digital camera programme , but this is as close to the way they look .

I'm going to spend the rest of the day taking things on my sketches and ideas, and if they don't look as if they're ready to work on just yet, i'll get something else up and running.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Balcony - 14

I thought I'd post a photograph of the picture before I filled in the rail (which I've begun work on already.) because the difference it makes is quite dynamic. The completion of this picture will be tomorrow and to be honest, it's taken less time than I thought. ..and although ideas for the next big picture are fairly advanced, I'm not yet ready to complicate matters even further, I've got ideas for yet another picture which will fall into the same series as 'Ball Of Wool' and 'PWM' (the chess picture).
A friend of mine who makes chutneys,jams,cakes etc and I have decided we'll have a sort of mini Christmas fayre to sell to family and I might decide to produce something for that. I am not short of things I could do..but you see my problem..once I commit to a piece,I'm looking at a couple of weeks for the smaller works to a couple of months for the large's a problem I like having!
Join me tomorrow to see the finished 'Balcony'

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Balcony - 13

I'm moving into the final stages of work on this picture now..I've just about completed the figures above the railing..I shall finish this area to the lower left hand corner then the rail itself.the final act as always is to rub out the pencil lines of my signature.
Looking at the picture, it's interesting to note that railings, barriers of all kinds provide a way to divide this case to stop the shoppers falling onto the floor below. People of all walks of life,race and creed, wealthy or poor are for this little moment connected by the rail and held in check from certain death ...but each unaware of the others circumstances whilst having absolute trust in the work of the builders who put the rail in.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vegetarian roast marrow and cheese sauce.

I cut one large Marrow into three pieces then cut each piece in half lengthways. I hollowed out the seeds and pullpy bit then laid the pieces skin down in a roasting pan. I brushed a little vegatable oil over then and placed them in the oven gas7 to roast.Meanwhile I fried one large onion,2 cloves of Garlic, some sweet peppers, sweet corn and soya mince until cooked and spooned this over the marrow pieces..i then poured a can of tomatoes over...returned to the oven and covered with some baking foil. In another pan I made a basic rue sauce and added some cheese...I had intended to pour this over the dish in the oven but oprted to serve it separately. I also cooked an amount of french green beans .

Here you can see the mixture over the marrows before serving..the beans were served next and cheese sauce generously poured as required by each of us.
A successful meal for once..this might also have had something to do with Helen being our guest (sitting on the right far side)for the evening..Helen is playing the lead in 'More Story please' which Jan's theatre group is staging in 64 venues across the counties of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire up until Christmas.
I didn't make a pudding!

Balcony - 12 Bye bye Pudding!

I've now finished the lady in red..(There's always a lady in red!) was a case of diffusing the colours and adding in more layers until the correct intensity was so it matched the other I've moved on to the next figure and the back ground.

For those of you following the 'Pudding gate' saga...I disposed of the remains last night.Earlier i'd made a vegetable curry and had eldest son state his detestation of it and my daughter erupt in tears at having to have it for her tea (she never even tried it!)...I complained when Jan got home that no one eats my food anymore..Jan said " When have I ever refused your food?" this point I should have kept my mouth shut..but no..male brain engaged and activated..I told her i'd made the Bread and Butter pudding just for her and she'd refused off she went to attempt to eat it...but no..she complained it was like 'Soggy bread' ...she told me she's hated it ever since her Mum made it for her as a young girl ...sometimes one cannot do right for doing wrong. I managed to refrain from saying things like: "Well what do you expect, it's been in the fridge for nearly three days and has developed it's own intelligent life !'...and......'If your Mum couldn't make it, then how can i expect mine to be as good as hers?...and since hers was awful,I can only imagine what that relegates mine to being!'

she's due home in 1 1/2 hours and bringing a guest...what am i going to cook?...I'll tell you tomorrow..( If I'm still alive!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Balcony - 11 A closer look

Having put a layer of Blue/Black ink to denote the darkest areas of the rest of the picture..I start to develop the skin tones of the two gentlemen standing at the back,
A simple layer of scarlet dots is enough to begin with..these two ladies heads are close together and the one on the right is wearing a bright red there Will be a lot of colour bleeding between faces and coat making it difficult to see any boundaries.
Here I'm beginning to add the yellow ochre over the red..I have to keep the lady's feature indistinct to match the others..just a simple suggestion of eyebrows and chin is what I'm looking for..

Here I've rubbed out some of the pencil lines so that i can see clearly the areas I need to blend into each other..this creates the the soft fuzzy out of focus effect. the ladies hair is a mixture light blues dots, red dots and yellow..then shadows are picked out in green .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Balcony - 10

It's amazing how a pudding can become a metaphor..for life..for marriage..for whatever.This is the world in which i live...I used to sign each of my pictures in the bottom right hand corner with the letters. SIAT..Ok, so it was a bit pretensions after the PRB..(Pre -Raphaelite Brotherhood). But my letters stood for Symbolism In All Things. I believe this statement to be true as far as my work is concerned.But I don't really need to put that on my pictures nowadays as they generate so many questions and theories anyway!

It can also be a bit of a hindrance when one is looking for meaning in all things when there is nothing more than "Do you want sauce on your chips?"....actually, that sounds like a bit of a euphemistic question...and therefore a minefield of other meanings.I wrote to someone recently remembering the late great Ronnie Barker who famously said: " The thing about double entendres is that they can only have one meaning!".

Anyway..I digress.Today I've worked on the man to the left...there's not much more to go fact I should finish this week.I'll do some more this until tomorrow..goodbye!

PS..There are still two servings of Bread And Butter Pudding left in the fridge..Middle son tried it and said..."Urgh's got bread in it!"...Jan just didn't even try it! what is the symbolism there eh?.......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Traditional English Victorian Bread and Butter Pudding.

(Serving suggestion.)...actually you might like to arrange yours in a more apealing looks worse than it is...but only marginaly!

Serves 4 (5 at a stretch) . Preparation time...24 hours approx.

6 slices well buttered Bread
50g/2oz Sultanas
4 Eggs
25g/1oz Sugar
600ml/20fl.oz. Milk
A little extra Sugar


1.First, find two good friends whom you have known for quite a few years.Arrange for them to move house and then prepare for a house warming party invitation.

2. When invitation arrives..purchase bottle of suitably posh sounding wine (£5 or less!!) and dress for the occasion.

3.Since wife is in Oxford acting..attend party alone with grumpy daughter who perks up when she sees her best friends from school are also at the party.

4.Settle yourself into the the wine (from an array of 12 other bottles!!) then chat congenially with people you've never seen before. Then make contact with the hosts who are lovely people.Next, find 'yummy mummy' who you recognise from the playground who is also there without their some more..laugh..drink..drink chocolate gateux...laugh..discuss favourite bands/movies/alcohol...more drink..

5. Wife arrives at party from Oxford.

6.Stop chatting with 'yummy Mummy' Drink laugh chat with wife, then Wife needs to go home because she has to drive to Oxford again the following morning at 6:30am.

7.Deal with screaming daughter who doesn't want to leave the party and hasn't eaten anything yet...

8.Eventually get home after walk with screaming daughter. realise that you still fancy more alcohol...find remainder of Bourbon bottle and imbibe the contents....

9.Allow to stew for 45 minutes..then try to have rational conversation with wife...due to the large blood alcohol content..I might have said a few things that were not heard in the spirit they were given...

10. Allow ears to stop ringing after basting from wife.

11.Go to kitchen to prepare a sandwich...Wife enters kitchen..I say wrong things again...end up getting angry and pummeling loaf of white bread with fist...this loaf suddenly become the focus of years of frustration and derserves all it gets!

12.Dust crumbs off knuckles and place bag of 'bread' back in the fridge. Sit on Settee with earphones on listening to the new album by Keane ....wake up at 4am and go to bed.

13. Get up at 10:40am after wife has left four hours earlier.

14. Begin to prepare evening meal at around 5pm

15. Preheat the oven to 170C, 325F, Gas mark 3. Grease a 7.5cm/3 inch deep ovenproof dish.

16.Take totally misshapen loaf from the fridge and empty contents onto work surface.Reserve 4 quarters (you may need to find an undamaged piece from another loaf!)for the top and arrange the rest in layers in the dish, sprinkling the sultanas between each layer. Top with the reserved quarters.

17. In a saucepan, heat the milk to hot but not boiling. In a large bowl, mix together the eggs and sugar then add the hot milk, stirring well.

18. Slowly pour over the bread and fruit, being careful not to dislodge the top layer of bread. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.

19. Sprinkle with a little sugar and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes until the top is browned and crispy.

20. Place servings in bowls with generous helping of hot instant custard.Serve to family...or what's left of them , one still being in out to church with his who is sulking in his bedroom and anyway he doesn't like who is an eight year old daughter who hates it and won't eat it.

21. And there you have it...the perfect recipe!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Balcony - 9...Delicatessen

Despite having a little quiet time to myself this afternoon, I only managed to complete the upperhalf of the gentleman to the extreme left..I can't seem to get my head inot gear to concentrate at the moment.I feel tired.

Anyway..I've been wanting to post some clips of my favourite films.If you're a a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that Amelie is probably my favourite film.The director of that movie: Jean-Pierre Jeunet has created other movies of equally wonderous visuals and concepts.You might recall that among these are 'City Of Lost Children''A Very Long engagement' 'Alien Ressurection' and the film i've posted a clip from today 'Delicatessen'.The scene which echoes the rest of the movie shot in muted colours, is a comment on what our bodies and minds are atuned to..the rythm of life.....and humour!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Balcony - 8

I've just got back from fetching Annie from's turning into a beautiful Autumn.Crunchy leaves underfoot and that particular scent of decay. On the way home , Rowan who walked home with us spotted two cats with the tricolour markings that ours have...I caught myself for one second wondering if Tremble had actually survived and it had all been some silly mistake.But no,these cats were obviously adult sized. Continued walking home feeling quite sad.

Work on my picture continues though..I've added a new figure to the scene..I'm wanting to fill in the railing, but I'll hold off for a little while yet.I'd estimate I'm around half way through now...

Thank you again for more of your condolences especially to Devil Mood and Margret.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Balcony - 7

I can't believe how different photographs of the same piece can be...this version has a real blue tint to it which makes it appear's also very difficult to appreciate the subtle tonal differences in the dark area to the lower right which I have spent all day working on.The actual picture is more yellowy and much much warmer.I despair of my stupid camera sometimes...I am saving up for a new one!

Thank you to those of you who have sent me condolences over the death of my little cat Tremble who was killed yesterday.Julie and Preeti, it meant a lot to receive your comments...thank you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Our beautiful little cat tremble was run over by a car in our avenue this morning.Jan and I were doing roleplay at Nottingham University when we had a phone call from our eldest son Sam ..he was in tears as he told us that one of our neighbours had found her in the road and brought her to his front garden. We'd only had Tremble and her sister Wilba since June, and she'd quickly become a part of our family. Her mother was a Manx breed of cat, and this is were she inherited her 'Stumpy' tail from. She was a fearless cat used to climbing and was often seen on the street hiding under cars.
Incredibly friendly and loyal, it was devastating news to hear that she had been killed.On arrival back in Derby, i dropped Jan at home to comfort the boys whilst I went to fetch Annie from her friends house. I will never forget telling Annie as we sat in the back of our car..we hugged each other and cried.
Later Tremble's body was brought back to the House, Will and his good friend Dominic dug a hole at the bottom of the garden next to the grave of our beloved cat Dusty who died in 2003 aged 18.The most moving sight was as we stood around looking at Tremble curled up in a shoe box, her sister Wilba came over and licked her little head.
There were tears as we buried Tremble in the failing was cold..we said goodbye.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Balcony - 6 and Mikado

This picture shows you how i work almost mechanically when building up areas of one stop it being too tedious, I work in blocks. I find that keeping my mind on what i intend the finished picture to look like, keeps me going! The result that I'm looking for here is to replicate the depth of shade you can see below the guy in the baseball cap's do this I first put down a layer of dark blue..then over that goes blue...then red, then yellow ochre then perhaps green...then a further layer of blue or red.
Below is the finished poster I designed to publicise the Mikado. I've produced artwork for the Rose Hill Musical Society for four years now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Balcony - 5

The jostle of people is beginning to take shape...I have decided to wait a little longer before I start filling the rail in...I don't know why..perhaps when there is more around it..I think it would be better to do it all in one as opposed to in sections.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Balcony - 4

This close up shows what it is about the Hyperpointillist technique I love...sadly the dots have become a little pixelated by my cropping of the photo...but you get the general idea I hope.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Balcony - 3

I've not been able to spend much time today working..but as you can see, I've begun to add darker areas..The overall effect (which I'm aiming at) is a soft hazy feel...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Balcony - 2

I must say..this chap is wearing a very fetching pink t-shirt isn't he?..I like the fact that it gives a softened feel to the scene which will become more apparent later as there are some very dark areas around him. I've meant to do some blurred images of people ever since the picture of 'St Peter's Street' I did early on in 2006.

Balcony - 1

I've begun applying red dots to the figure's face and arms and some dark blue for the jacket slung over his arm and what forms part of a person next to him. As always, the aim is careful increments of contrast and tone.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Balcony. Pencil sketch.

It often takes a week of so for me to put together the composistion for a new piece of work.Following on from 'Orbits' I have the basic concept for a new related piece..some time ago I wrote about 'seeing' a picture in my mind which I hoped to use at a future date. whilst preparitory work continues on sketches for that...I have gone back to a picture I started work on a year ago.The Westfield shopping centre in Derby has now been open a year and this sketch comes from photos i took at the time of it's opening.

It will be a colour picture which whilst being an excercise, will allow me unhurried time to develop the next piece.

Orbits - finished.

' Orbits'
55x38 cm

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Orbits - 45 Penultimate session.

I've been doing my role play acting today in Stoke On Trent.I played a 51 year old man with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.I was interviewed by four different assessors. So I didn't have much time to work on Orbits. However...there's not much left to do now.So I've worked on the you can see the progression of detailing has moved from right to left as far as the ship on the horizon...I need to add a little more texture to the shoreline then I'm finished! If all goes well, tomorrow will see the final hours on this.

So join me then for the unveiling!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Orbits 44...."It's more important than that"

The late great Bill Shankley who used to be manager of English football team Liverpool F.C once said something along the lines of "some people think Football is a matter of life and death...they're wrong,It's more important than that!"...I think the same thing about art (literature too, but i'll stick with the visual arts if you'll pardon me). In these days of 'The Credit Crunch' global downturns in the markets...bailouts and bank'll be forgiven for considering art as a frivolity..a luxuriant extra.perhaps the acquisition of art commercially has slowed.but the relevance for art has never been more vital. Art is the heart and soul of a communities identity, it is the culture and foundation...but also the aspiration, the is worth so much more than just is something beyond the life of it's creators bearing the riches of it's nature into the future far beyond our life can help us make sense of ourselves and our causes us to rejoice..the find perspective and at the same time wonderment and other worldliness.

My art to me has become my life..I sit at home in my little bedroom...I work...I try to take time off..but those days are not what I live for.I take pride in my work, but I feel dissatisfied with it which is good, because it propels me towards making the next piece 'The one'. but sometimes art passes beyond the visual and even beyond the object that it's when it touches or brings us into contact with others who we wouldn't normally have met...sometimes it becomes more important than we could imagine.

I hope you'll forgive me Claudine, but I wanted just to mention that it is through my art that I became aware of you and your battle against breast cancer. you have commented with great generosity of heart about my work and that in itself is wonderful..but you mentioned that you aim to fight your decease and aim to come to see my work...and that is something I find to be an incredible privilege...and a deeply moving prospect. Art is a matter of life and is also more important than bridges cultures, it bridges nationalities and transcends our awareness and invades our lives taking our minds and bodies to greater places.

I am thankful that my art has brought me such meaningful and wonderful friendships with people i have never met. I'm sure all my readers would like to join in me and wish Claudine a speedy and prompt recovery..that her battle against this enemy is successful. Please take some time to drop by her blog which you'll find here.It's not in English..but your comments will be read and understood.

Today I've been working on introducing the clouds that i spoke of yesterday..a lot of the composition is vertical..I wanted to add balance by creating a wider effect..a you'll see how I plan to enhance this effect.

Having completed Honey's stockings..I begin to make waves!I firstly pencil in some guide lines..then dot along these to denote the waves

Gradually making the line closer and less distinct towards the horizon..also making sure not to make them too uniform..

Finally having darkened the horizon and broken some of the lines to give the effect of the waves, I start to add texture to the foreground. The panel I'm working on here between honey's legs and her staff is nearly finished..the area to the right has yet to be given the detailing...I then go over to the left of the staff and then the end of my work is really in sight.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Orbits - 43 The Frill Of The Chaste or Ruffled Feathers

Not much more to do now..the clouds need tidying up a bit and I have been meaning to introduce a few wispy threads of dark clouds (you'll see what I mean when I've done it!)..the sea and anything I decide to put in the foreground..possibly more grasses. All being well I should finish by the end of the week!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am a Man who likes Women..seems an odd thing to say.I love women..I respect women..I am aroused by women..but i also 'like' women..I generally prefere the company of women, i like the sensitivity of women,the humour and the sadness of women.I understand the irony that the beauty and magnificence of women is counterpointed by pain, and takenforgrantedness.

I think that Gustav Klimt must also have had the same opinion as myself. Now you don't need me spouting off a historical lecture about an Artist..a Symbolist..a great painter...muralist and draughtsman such as we're looking at here...there are a myriad websites you can glean all the information you want.

Famous in most peoples knowledge for his painting 'The Kiss'..a million student bedroom walls will attest to his brilliance in capturing the tenderness, eroticism and sheer beauty of the young man and woman surrounded in gold and darkness.but i am drawn often to his portraits...his nudes. You will know by now that my pictures are indeed symbolist in nature..each part of the composition has a symbolic meaning weather known or unrevealed. so with Klimt...only better!Way way better!

I'll stop writing in a short while and leave the pictures to do the talking, but there's one thing I'll ask you to do, not necessarily with the examples I've posted here, but with all his other works as well. Hold you hand in front of yourself so that the face of the subject (in the case of the portraits) is covered.Look at the rest of the painting.Often no reference is seen to the fact that a person exists in the composition.A random abstract conglomeration of geometric forms, organic swirls can be seen. To me this suggests that Klimt is trying to show us that whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in,whatever life throws our way, it is ourselves and the character we are that defines our place in the world. It is the nature and personality contained in the faces of his women, that Klimt has used to define the bring perspective and relativity.

I love klimts paintings, I love women.

Potrait of Helen Klimt


Gold fish (to my critics)


Adam and Eve.

The Three Ages Of Woman(detail)

You can see more by visiting : or look at for a historic perspective.
This post is dedicated to a special lady,Susan Stewart.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Orbits - 42 ...Corset is!

Moving on from yesterday,honey is now laced up nice and tight in her corset.Again i wanted a shiny satin sort of feel but got it wrong again...however, I'm quite pleased with the progress. It's now that the end is near that the overall atmosphere of the picture starts to come through..

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Orbits - 41

A few people have asked to see the whole picture here it is.Progress was good today getting Honey's shoulders and breasts in place..I like the growing counterbalance between the Starman and Honey.When I put waves into the sea, you will know the end of this piece is very close!incidentally, the dimensions for the picture are 59 x 42 cm.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Orbits - 40 Opera gloves..but no fat lady.

Dressing honey is taking longer than I thought it would! 5 hours today. My neck aches and my eyes are tired....I worked on the planet again..the clouds and the gloves..I actually wanted the gloves to look as if they were made of satin, but the way I've done them, they more like black latex!..which I probably prefer actually.