Saturday, October 18, 2008

Balcony - 9...Delicatessen

Despite having a little quiet time to myself this afternoon, I only managed to complete the upperhalf of the gentleman to the extreme left..I can't seem to get my head inot gear to concentrate at the moment.I feel tired.

Anyway..I've been wanting to post some clips of my favourite films.If you're a a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that Amelie is probably my favourite film.The director of that movie: Jean-Pierre Jeunet has created other movies of equally wonderous visuals and concepts.You might recall that among these are 'City Of Lost Children''A Very Long engagement' 'Alien Ressurection' and the film i've posted a clip from today 'Delicatessen'.The scene which echoes the rest of the movie shot in muted colours, is a comment on what our bodies and minds are atuned to..the rythm of life.....and humour!



Jonice said...


Loved it, Niall!
Well, I was talking about the clip.
And I also loved your son's words way down at the page. Mine is 16, too! And my dear, the detail showing the daisies and thunder bolts would be a picture in itself, wouldn't it? Great! Last but not least, when you paint reality like in this balcony you delight my eyes, for the way you do it is just gorgeous!
Have a sweet nice week :)