Thursday, October 16, 2008

Balcony - 7

I can't believe how different photographs of the same piece can be...this version has a real blue tint to it which makes it appear's also very difficult to appreciate the subtle tonal differences in the dark area to the lower right which I have spent all day working on.The actual picture is more yellowy and much much warmer.I despair of my stupid camera sometimes...I am saving up for a new one!

Thank you to those of you who have sent me condolences over the death of my little cat Tremble who was killed yesterday.Julie and Preeti, it meant a lot to receive your comments...thank you.


Devil Mood said...

Oh I'm so sorry about Tremble.:(Cats have such tragic and fragile lives at times. It seems that they haven't yet adapted to civilization, there's still a feline in there wanting to be in the savannah perhaps.

I don't know what to say to you except that, as you know, it gets better in time. And you have good sweet memories of little Tremble.

Niall said...

DM...Thank you..I know you understand having lost your lovely dog a while ago now.Animals take up such special places in our lives when they live with us and become part of life.When we lose one for whatever reason, a part of us is gone hurts...and right now i'm hurting.

Margret said...

I have been following the balcony project from the embrionic stage and have enjoyed its progress. It uncannily reminds me of French artists like Renoir. So many gentle nuances and hints of colour. I think you are expressing the languid hanging about of he people in the picture very well, Niall.
Sorry, I've only just started to learn to write comments to your pics, being slowcome and not very wise! ;-)