Friday, October 17, 2008

Balcony - 8

I've just got back from fetching Annie from's turning into a beautiful Autumn.Crunchy leaves underfoot and that particular scent of decay. On the way home , Rowan who walked home with us spotted two cats with the tricolour markings that ours have...I caught myself for one second wondering if Tremble had actually survived and it had all been some silly mistake.But no,these cats were obviously adult sized. Continued walking home feeling quite sad.

Work on my picture continues though..I've added a new figure to the scene..I'm wanting to fill in the railing, but I'll hold off for a little while yet.I'd estimate I'm around half way through now...

Thank you again for more of your condolences especially to Devil Mood and Margret.


Devil Mood said...

It's all perfectly natural. Today I still find myself wondering if it's my dog's paws I'm hearing in the hall. Is that him snoring?..No.
Even today my mother dreamt of our dog and in his dream she wanted to yell at me to tell me he was back. lol It's not sad anymore but there are still remnants of their presence.