Thursday, October 23, 2008

Balcony - 13

I'm moving into the final stages of work on this picture now..I've just about completed the figures above the railing..I shall finish this area to the lower left hand corner then the rail itself.the final act as always is to rub out the pencil lines of my signature.
Looking at the picture, it's interesting to note that railings, barriers of all kinds provide a way to divide this case to stop the shoppers falling onto the floor below. People of all walks of life,race and creed, wealthy or poor are for this little moment connected by the rail and held in check from certain death ...but each unaware of the others circumstances whilst having absolute trust in the work of the builders who put the rail in.


pink dogwood said...

looks really great - can hardly wait to see the finished work. I like your philosophical note about the picture.

Devil Mood said...

I'm curious to see the effect of the rail now!