Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Balcony - 12 Bye bye Pudding!

I've now finished the lady in red..(There's always a lady in red!) was a case of diffusing the colours and adding in more layers until the correct intensity was so it matched the other I've moved on to the next figure and the back ground.

For those of you following the 'Pudding gate' saga...I disposed of the remains last night.Earlier i'd made a vegetable curry and had eldest son state his detestation of it and my daughter erupt in tears at having to have it for her tea (she never even tried it!)...I complained when Jan got home that no one eats my food anymore..Jan said " When have I ever refused your food?" this point I should have kept my mouth shut..but no..male brain engaged and activated..I told her i'd made the Bread and Butter pudding just for her and she'd refused off she went to attempt to eat it...but no..she complained it was like 'Soggy bread' ...she told me she's hated it ever since her Mum made it for her as a young girl ...sometimes one cannot do right for doing wrong. I managed to refrain from saying things like: "Well what do you expect, it's been in the fridge for nearly three days and has developed it's own intelligent life !'...and......'If your Mum couldn't make it, then how can i expect mine to be as good as hers?...and since hers was awful,I can only imagine what that relegates mine to being!'

she's due home in 1 1/2 hours and bringing a guest...what am i going to cook?...I'll tell you tomorrow..( If I'm still alive!)


Devil Mood said...

It's quite amazing how food can be such a source of stress in family life. It's normal for kids for get upset over it, I remember my own food tantrums. These days I eat basically everything I hated back then...go figure!

Well, I still have to handle it to Jan because she did try to eat the Bread and Butter thing, even if she really disliked it. I probably wouldn't. I wish someone cooked vegetable curry for me though (is it too spicy?)

Devil Mood said...

I think my english was probably lacking in my comment, but I can't read it now so I'll apologise instead.

pink dogwood said...

so sad about the pudding - waiting to hear about your new culinary adventures. Lady in red looks good. Thanks for the info about the pens. Yesterday I checkout a book on Seurat from the library - Pointillism is really fascinating. Hadn't even heard of it before coming to your blog.

Niall said...

DM...I can 'Handle' your English! need to see what Oskur writes to realise you are fine!

Pink dogwood...Wow,you have some great stuff to discover!I'd be interested to know which of Seurat's paintings you like.

Devil Mood said...

Yes, that was it. Should be "hand it", not "handle" lol