Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am a Man who likes Women..seems an odd thing to say.I love women..I respect women..I am aroused by women..but i also 'like' women..I generally prefere the company of women, i like the sensitivity of women,the humour and the sadness of women.I understand the irony that the beauty and magnificence of women is counterpointed by pain, and takenforgrantedness.

I think that Gustav Klimt must also have had the same opinion as myself. Now you don't need me spouting off a historical lecture about an Artist..a Symbolist..a great painter...muralist and draughtsman such as we're looking at here...there are a myriad websites you can glean all the information you want.

Famous in most peoples knowledge for his painting 'The Kiss'..a million student bedroom walls will attest to his brilliance in capturing the tenderness, eroticism and sheer beauty of the young man and woman surrounded in gold and darkness.but i am drawn often to his portraits...his nudes. You will know by now that my pictures are indeed symbolist in nature..each part of the composition has a symbolic meaning weather known or unrevealed. so with Klimt...only better!Way way better!

I'll stop writing in a short while and leave the pictures to do the talking, but there's one thing I'll ask you to do, not necessarily with the examples I've posted here, but with all his other works as well. Hold you hand in front of yourself so that the face of the subject (in the case of the portraits) is covered.Look at the rest of the painting.Often no reference is seen to the fact that a person exists in the composition.A random abstract conglomeration of geometric forms, organic swirls can be seen. To me this suggests that Klimt is trying to show us that whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in,whatever life throws our way, it is ourselves and the character we are that defines our place in the world. It is the nature and personality contained in the faces of his women, that Klimt has used to define the bring perspective and relativity.

I love klimts paintings, I love women.

Potrait of Helen Klimt


Gold fish (to my critics)


Adam and Eve.

The Three Ages Of Woman(detail)

You can see more by visiting : or look at for a historic perspective.
This post is dedicated to a special lady,Susan Stewart.


Devil Mood said...

Interesting interpretation, Niall!It would never occur to me to start asking what the artist was trying to say. I don't know why, maybe it's because I didn't study much Art. Maybe I simply realized I was never going to know for sure so I stopped wondering and just looked at the paintings. lol

Danae is my favourite, I love it.

Niall said...

DM...When people view my work..I love it when they attach meanings or significances of their might be different from what i originally intended, but they are valid...therefore it is (in my opinion) quite OK to interpret what another artists mean even if it differs from the so called serious art critics.

Devil Mood said...

Oh yes, of course it's OK. I didn't mean to imply you shouldn't, of course you should :)

Jagjit said...

True, true. Lovely post.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

klimts is amazing; imagining how shocking his art was back in the day - the 30's and the 40s

Julie Schuler said...

I feel very strongly about Klimt. He's a never-to-be-repeated talent.

Raggy Rat said...

hello, a friend of the derby maus here, been snifing around in your blog, thanks for sharing some of the loveliest klimt pics, cant wait to see your finnishes work xxx

Niall said...

Ascender...You will be aware of his pencil sketches no doubt?..incredibly beautiful, very shocking then..and pretty remarkable still!

Raggy Rat...Yes..I have noticed your comments popping up..and welcome, it's really great to have you along for the who (forgive the ingnorance)is 'the Derby Maus'?

Claudine said...

I love the painting of the woman with the bird!
and your vision about the pictures of Klimt is very women friendly! that I love too of course. But I know you as a sensible person, anyway, if you wher'nt you couldn't make such sensitive paintings.
I was in hospital and very week now, the effects of the chemo are immens, but I continue fighting! this is my nature! the day I pick up my pencil again I will be the happiest woman on earth, as you know! for now I survive but I follow your art with great respect Niall, one day I'll be there to "see" your works, I promess!

love, Claudine

Raggy Rat said...

she links to your blog, marget pegg? you comment on hers ... but perhaps only i know that secret name for her heehee xxx

Niall said...

Julie...I agree.I've seen 'versions' or rather I should say copies of his style and it always looks contrived and stilted.

Claudine...KEEP FIGHTING!!!keep writing.

Raggy..Margret lives just across the road from me..we have been friends since 1978!!(I know Maus / mouse)

Tys on Ice said...

these paintings are beautiful...i have seen the print of the 3 ages of woman before but never really registered the painter...thanks...iam going to spend some time studying gustav's works...