Friday, October 24, 2008

Balcony - 14

I thought I'd post a photograph of the picture before I filled in the rail (which I've begun work on already.) because the difference it makes is quite dynamic. The completion of this picture will be tomorrow and to be honest, it's taken less time than I thought. ..and although ideas for the next big picture are fairly advanced, I'm not yet ready to complicate matters even further, I've got ideas for yet another picture which will fall into the same series as 'Ball Of Wool' and 'PWM' (the chess picture).
A friend of mine who makes chutneys,jams,cakes etc and I have decided we'll have a sort of mini Christmas fayre to sell to family and I might decide to produce something for that. I am not short of things I could do..but you see my problem..once I commit to a piece,I'm looking at a couple of weeks for the smaller works to a couple of months for the large's a problem I like having!
Join me tomorrow to see the finished 'Balcony'


pink dogwood said...

I can hardly wait :)