Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vegetarian roast marrow and cheese sauce.

I cut one large Marrow into three pieces then cut each piece in half lengthways. I hollowed out the seeds and pullpy bit then laid the pieces skin down in a roasting pan. I brushed a little vegatable oil over then and placed them in the oven gas7 to roast.Meanwhile I fried one large onion,2 cloves of Garlic, some sweet peppers, sweet corn and soya mince until cooked and spooned this over the marrow pieces..i then poured a can of tomatoes over...returned to the oven and covered with some baking foil. In another pan I made a basic rue sauce and added some cheese...I had intended to pour this over the dish in the oven but oprted to serve it separately. I also cooked an amount of french green beans .

Here you can see the mixture over the marrows before serving..the beans were served next and cheese sauce generously poured as required by each of us.
A successful meal for once..this might also have had something to do with Helen being our guest (sitting on the right far side)for the evening..Helen is playing the lead in 'More Story please' which Jan's theatre group is staging in 64 venues across the counties of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire up until Christmas.
I didn't make a pudding!


pink dogwood said...

Sounds like a good meal, except I don't know what a marrow is. Since you said vegetarian, it must be some kind of a vegetable?

Niall said...

PD...I appologise for not explaining..a Marrow is what some people might call a large Squash/'s green with light green stripes running down it's length and they can grow very large...imagine a Zuccini but about 40 - 50 cm long and the same in diameter....i think officially it's a fruit since it's seeds are contained inside.

pink dogwood said...

cool :)

Devil Mood said...

Wow, I'm getting really hungry now!
Looks really good and I love the table photo, such cosy ambience :)

Niall said...

DM...Since Jan and Sam are both Veggies..I have become adept at veg cooking!..our house is usually cosy in that way..I love candles!