Friday, October 31, 2008

Kay - 3 the cat and the Flapjack

I think I'm happy with the hair and much happier now that I've added light blue into the skin tones of the face . the majority of the picture is in tones similar to the wall behind Kay..which enables the figure to stand'll see better as it develops.

Yesterday, as I was sitting down for my morning coffee..I thought, what about a piece of that flap jack in the kitchen?..Jan had baked some the night before but it was how shall I describe it..'crisp'...I lifted a piece from the tin which was on the work surface. It was difficult to sink my teeth into but had a distinctive flavour.I put the piece into my mouth whole and proceeded to try and suck it into submission. Then I thought..ah ha!..don't leave the rest out...put it into a covered i got a knife and began to lift the individual pieces ...however, they began to fall apart.this shouldn't happen I thought due to the extended time they'd had in the was then that i had my 'miss Marple' moment...the flap jack open to the elements..which earlier had been covered by a tea towel..the cat that had run into the front room dragging a tea towel in it's mouth...the sodden pieces of flapjack...the kitty litter tray shaped baking tin..the distinctive (but unknown) flavour....My powers of deduction arrived at the only about you..does your conclusion match mine?


Julie Schuler said...

I love the very simple and subtle background of this portrait.
The flapjack story is disgusting.

kay said...

Niall, this representation is uncannily realistic, I'm stunned and a little flattered.