Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kay - 1

If I thought work on this piece was going to be quick...i was least whilst I'm taking great pains to get the eyes nose and mouth correct..don't get me wrong..this something I relish.I think once I'm happy with the face, it will be relatively plain sailing from then on.This photo was taken under my daylight looks so washed out , tomorrow i'll make sure you get the right representation.

Finding time to work is at the moment is's the school's half term holidays ..Jan is busy every day rehearsing for a busy 64 date tour which begins on Friday, so we don't actually see much of each other...when we do it is as if we are purely business partners..this has been our condition for some time now, so we make decisions about the practicalities of the kids are my priority..the big lads argue and demand money..stay in bed till afternoon..stink and eat and ignore any request that emanates from me!..(why is it that their Mum can utter a single word and they fall over themselves to obey?)'s a major issue trying to get my 13 year old to take a shower which he somehow seems to think he will only do it if I pay him, where he gets these ridiculous ideas from is beyond me!! the stress and anxiety all this causes is enough to throw my sensibilities into disarray thus rendering me incapable of reaching the desired level of concentration to work... then Annie has a fairly complex list of play dates and sleepovers ..and believe me, it would be so easy to take the easy her in front of the TV, but I try not to. Some times..just some times..I find a quiet oasis in the day to work...until the next meal is due....and it's me who cooks it.

OK..rant over..thanks for listening..I'll be back to my boring old self tomorrow.


Devil Mood said...

Whoosh, I'm tired just hearing about it! Why aren't parents paid? ...

I'm liking the picture, is that hair? I like the colours!

Julie Schuler said...

You are prolific, even with all your duties. Sometimes I think it will be easier when my boys get older, then you disabuse me of that notion.