Monday, August 27, 2007

TLIR 4 - 12hrs 50

As you can see..I've not actually done much work see it's a public holiday here, plus my family are back from camp, and we've had a couple of friends round to eat wit it's been a relaxed day with good weather. I've also listened to England play India in a One Day International cricket match..(have I ever told you I'm a fan of the Cricket?)...was a very close match which England won taking them 2 - 1 up in the series.

despite this I've worked on establishing the leaves in the'll see the area of image increase slowly for the next few days as this part is quite dark...the area in the right of the picture is very light, when I get there it will progress quickly.

See you tomorrow!


Vidya said...

Thank you for wanting to make the lady in red prominent! You have just piqued my interest!


Jonice said...

Love your greens, Niall! I live in a city where the light is beautiful on greens, chiefly in late afternoons. And yours are just about the same...
I do want a tickey to ride the Star Trek Tele-Transporter for since I was a little girl I dream of that vehicle!!
Have a nice day :)

Niall said...

Vidya..I hope I don't dissapoint you..I love you calling it 'The Lady In Red' however reminds me of the film with Kelly le Brock..'The Woman In Red'..also there's a very cheesey song by Chris DeBurgh:..'Lady In Red' lady is in no way cheesy!...I hope!..In fact I can't wait to put her in interest is 'Piqued' too!

Jonice...I love the greenery of Father who used to live in Africa for many years was amazed when he came back home to see the green of the countryside..but then I've never seen the Amazonian rain forests!

Devil Mood said...

I know nothing about cricket, there's nothing similar here. I know the words, the innings, the test-series but I just don't get them. And I don't think I want to, to be honest. lol
Can't wait to see the rest of the picture and the Lady :)