Friday, August 24, 2007

Here we go again. The Lady In Red sketch.

Firstly..a huge 'Thank You' to Preeti who has posted a very flattering and moving tribute to yours truely on her blog site 'Just A Mother Of Two' which if you haven't already visited is a challenging , moving and inspirational site that uses every day instances combined with humnour and a deep experienced understanding of human nature and psychology to help the reader see things from a different point of view.

Above is the first sketch showing a scene I photographed yesterday. It's outside the entrance to the Central Library in Derby, and under a canopy of delicate leaves a man is using his mobile phone...however the central theme of the picture is the woman on the right. Amongst all the greenery and grey of the street..she was wearing a vivid red top which made her stand out..I quickly snapped the scene and will render my version of it here over the next few weeks. I must point out to you eagle eyed readers that the initial drawing is from a tracing of the photo...I have no problem doing this as it was my photo in the first place and the 'Hyperpointillist' technique is the important part of the picture, not the drawing.

Please make a note to drop by when you can as each day I'll be posting an update of the previous days work. thank you for coming by my site..please feel free to comment on anything you've seen. In the meantime, why not click on 'Finished Pictures' and see what I've been up to over the last year.


wacko said...

wow..good are indeed an artist niall!

Ps said...

Pleasure is mine.You truly deserve it.
I cannot imagine how the lady will become the focus or the central figure--but I believe you as I have see how you work magic with those pens.

Bob-kat said...

The praise you received from Preeti was well deserved and I can only echo it. In fact I said some nice things in her comments section that I am too shy to repeat here :)

I understand what you say about your technique being the point (no pun intended) of your work. I used to draw too, but I haven't in a very long time. I understand the merit of borrowing inspiration from other sources though.

Vidya said...

I came to your site via "Just a Mother of Two"'s blog. I cannot wait to see the completed version of the lady in red! :D

I wonder if the picture would be different if she was dressed fully in red as opposed to just a red top!


Devil Mood said...

Oh, I haven't seen it yet but I will.
You don't waste time, do you? I think this will be another enchanting one :)