Monday, August 20, 2007

Fence 5 - 17 hrs

It's been a fairy hectic sort of a day. Firstly, Jan had to be in Nottingham for an audition at the Playhouse..she is hoping to join a tour of Nottinghamshire schools presenting a 'experiential' event for children with severe learning difficulties. She should hear during the next few days if she has been cast. Meanwhile, all was made ready for Jan and the kids to go camping. they are off to join friends of ours who are staying in a part of Wales camping. I may have mentioned before that I dislike camping!?..I feel it is something best suited to the aftermath of a earthquake or volcanic eruption...that is why I find myself 'Home alone' now until Sunday!!! So it's down to some serious drawing and 'Wine tasting'...although it's Bourbon tonight!

I am lucky in the respect that I like my own company....!


Bob-kat said...

I've read back through your posts ann this picture is coming along wonderfully. I love the way you have captured the light coming through the tree. Dappled light through branches is one of my favourite things :)

Ps said...

Was surprised to see how much u finished! (even though you mentioned it in the mail)
Good going :-)