Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TLIR 5 - 17 hrs15

It is rather voyeuristic...each morning I've come to this picture and caught myself thinking.."He's still there!..what's he up to?"..I initially thought he was using a mobile telephone..but now I think he's rolling a cigarette...he's certainly oblivious to everything else that's going on.

I've started on the stonework of the building..I like working on buildings...it's quite like putting pieces of a jigsaw together..odd geometric shapes that when viewed look like walls and arches....I'm thinking back to the old Magritte picture 'This is not a pipe'...I should be saying..'This is not a man out side the Library'. It's a collection of carefully placed dots of ink which resemble the form of a man outside the library.


Devil Mood said...

haha you're right, that's not a man, that's all dots ;)
I'm reading about symbols and the unconscious so it makes sense right now.