Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Three Graces - 28

Back into the groove today...everyone out, so I had time to consider the next stage. Last night I had one of those moments where a sudden realisation hits you and the next step is revealed. I'd been wondering where the girls other arms would be and what they would be doing. In traditional Three Graces paintings, their hands are often joined. I liked the idea of something being held..I thought a circlet of stars might be in order. A circle of 12 stars are frequently shown as a symbol...Paintings and statues of the Virgin Mary often have a crown of 12 stars, the woman of the apocolyps as described in revelations 12: 1-18 has a crown of stars, the European Union flag has 12 stars...numerous national and organisational flags all sport circles of stars,they can represent all manner of things: apostles, nations,states, months of the year, hours of the day, star signs...whatever you want. My Graces are holding their hands toward a floating ring of 12 stars ( they will be apparent when the sky is added!)which hovers in front of the middle Grace....what does it all mean I wonder?