Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Having a break in York.

Hello...I'm off on my holiday this week. First time I've holidayed alone. I'm privileged
enough to be housesitting for my close friend Alison and family whilst they are away in Italy. I'm in a lovely spot close to the city centre...I have a bike and the city is famed for it's extensive network of cycle paths and lanes. A 10 min ride see's me in the centre of York.

Today I visited the Minster which was a wonderful experience. I've never been inside before, it's huge...I'm famous for not being a great tourist...I don't like the endless trails of camera wielding wide eyed foreigners.... don't get me wrong...I come from a town where you can walk the length of the main street and not hear English spoken...I love the cosmopolitan atmosphere, and I love meeting people from around the world. But when ti comes to touristy places, I just want to be there alone...to sit...to feel the place...to be. ...and I often walk away froma place not having taken any photos. I like to hold the place in my memory and heart.

but there are exceptions...and being here is so very special on a personal and spiritual level. Spo here are a few snaps showing you some of the things I saw today. Tomorrow I'm heading for the National Railway museum! I think I'm likely to take quite a few photos there! ;)


Devil Mood said...

Wow, Niall! I'm very glad you took photos this time because that place is stunning. A person must feel tiny inside it.
Great to see your pictures in these posts. Hope your holiday continues to be fun :)