Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Graces - Rescource photographs.

I didn't feel too well today...I've been sleeping badly and I had a headache for most of the morning. So I decided that I'd not do any drawing today, but did get chance to go out to take some photographs in a local grave yard. I need some foreground detail for Thee Graces. Jan agreed to stand in the grass for me...invaluable to me for the next stage of my picture.
I've included a couple of other shots of grave stones and a monument  from the large selection of photos I took today. Although all originally in colour, the black and white treatment certainly gives a better effect!
All photos taken at Saint Peter's Anglican Parish Church, Littleover, Derby.


Julie Schuler said...

Just while I was looking at these it popped into my head- In my hometown it has become a colloquialism to say someone has "gone behind the moose" when you mean to say they've died. It really struck me as funny today. The Belle Vernon Cemetery is behind the Moose Lodge.
"Does Aunt Irene still live on Dubrovich Street?"
"Nah. She went behind the Moose in '95." etc. and lol.

Niall young said...

Julie..I love the euphemisms and metaphores which all have their origins in real events. ..I wonder if the Moose was a real Moose or a place named after the animal..Others I like are; gone to join the choir invisible...shuffled off this mortal coil...kicked the bucket..etc...."

Devil Mood said...

Loved the photos and I can see how valuable they are to the work.
Hope you're feeling better.