Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm going on holiday!

Appologies for not posting progress on my work today.I've not had much chance to apply myself. AND tomorrow we're all off on our holiday..i know Friday is an odd day to go, but we have to be back by 31st as Jan has a to work in Oxford.we're staying in North Berwick which is close to Edinburgh in Scotland.We have hired an appartment. We're driving as far as Newcastle tomorrow and staying in an hotel over night before the rest of the journey on Saturday. It's a particular favourite place for us as we have very dear friends who live there. I'm hoping to find some wifi whilst away in the hope I can post some photos. I'll also be taking my sketchbook and watercolours too!! 
We're staying near here(above) in North Berwick (see map)
So if I don't get the chance to post in the mean time, I hope you have a lovely week, and I'll be back sooner than I want to be!


Devil Mood said...

Hee a holiday! In Scotland! :)
Sounds lovely and there's no odd days to go on holiday, you just go when you can.
Have a great time!

Niall young said...

Thank you...I'll send you a postcard!

Jeanette said...


Niall young said...

Och ey!

Robin Neudorfer said...

That looks so lovely. Living near a coast line, I am a lover of sand between my toes. This peaceful spot looks like heaven.