Friday, December 03, 2010

White Ladies - 17

 Temperatures hit amazing lows here overnight. The lowest temperatures were in Braemar Scotland which was -20. Here in Derby we basked in relative tropical temps of -9 ! But I love it...I like the cold and the snow which puts me at odds with the majority of my friends. So wrapped up snug and warm, I spent the better part of my working day on the trees.

Below are two photographs I took this morning. I got up around 6:45am and looked out of my window to see the Moon and Venus blazing away in a crystal clear sky...I took quite a few pictures because my camera has only a small aperture lens and therefore the exposure is relatively lengthy...most of the pics were blurred, but these two looked OK. There was probably only 15 - 20 mins between the two photographs.


Devil Mood said...

Dawn really is the most special moment. Shame I'm always too lazy to see it. :S
The temperatures will finally rise tomorrow, it was getting ridiculous ;)