Saturday, July 02, 2011

Closer...but not close enough.

Once again apologies for the non posting here over the last couple of days. I'm finding it progressively harder to order my time whilst I'm the sole one responsible for all that happens at home.To make things more difficult, Annie has been ill. I thought I was coming down with it too earlier, but I'm feeling fine now.
Jan is away working for ten days firstly in Singapore and then in Chennai, India.Whilst this pays the bills, I am finding as usual that managing the day to day lives of my kids, laundry, house, shopping and meals....not to mention my personal exercise programme quite a challenge. the last thing this leaves me wanting to do is settle for a few hours of dotting. I have no right to complain, I should be grateful and count my blessing I know.
So I'm going to leave you with my favourite musicians of the moment. Travis are a Scottish band who make intelligent thought provoking songs which touch the emotions and soul. I love lead singer Fran Healy's voice and manner, and this video for their song 'Closer' is taken from the 2007 release 'The Boy With No Name'...look out for Ben Stiller as the supermarket supervisor!

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