Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tea time - 30

Hi...didn't post yesterday. I'm finding work's not the's not a lack of ideas...but there's been so much fantastic tennis on the TV from Wimbledon. Some phenomenal matches! Added to that my Power Walks are averaging 5 miles each morning. I really enjoying them and planning the routes I take each day is part of the enjoyment. My weight loss is going very well and I'll be reaching my target soon. I then intend to continue walking but on a less regular basis. I am however now that the weight is almost gone, intending to do some toning work..I've ordered a DVD which should fit the bill and provide me with the right aerobic session work and a little boxercise!

I've done some work today as you can see...I'm having a rest day tomorrow so I should do a little more...thanks for the continued'll all be worth it in the end!!