Monday, June 20, 2011

Tea and walking.

I started the day by being driven out of the city to the countryside...a local boating marina . I power walked my way home from there along leafy lanes and fields until I got back to suburbia. It was so nice to be away from the city streets. A car drew up and winding thew window down was my friend was so encouraging to actually meet someone who knows me and able to witness my walking. Some people I explain power walking to don't realise what I'm's true that power walking uses the same amount of calories as running...the only difference is that if you're running, you finish exercising earlier...I can go on for much longer than many runners.

I'm now regularly walking around or over five miles in my session... always walk early in the morning and count it as walking to work. the benefits are to my health. when I weighed myself this morning I had lost one and a half stone ( 21 lbs ) in the last six weeks. I'm looking and feeling fitter than I've done for around 10 years!

Today also saw the start of The Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon. I've been following the ATP and WTA tour for years now in the press , on TV and online, but nothing compares to the prestige and refinement of the grass courts and atmosphere at the All England Club. Of course my fascination and fetishisation of the Ladies game, history and fashion is familiar territory for long time readers of this blog, ...I continue to be influenced by that and my work represents and reflects it.

So to my work...Having completed the Cancan girl...I've worked on the drawings on tracing paper of two more figures...they will be women who are  holding up the skirts of the Cancan dancer...they are ready for transfer now and will be added between watching the tennis...and power walking...
Bye for now!


Devil Mood said...

Your power-walking is inspiring :)
I didn't watch any Wimbledon tennis yet but it just occurred to me that at least in tennis there are no transfers and no heartbreak, unlike football.