Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tea time - 24

Walked 5.35 miles in one hour ten minutes this morning!! but still managed a full days work on this!! I'm now able to incorporate my exercise routine into my morning without needing the rest of the morning to recover! The five miles was this week's aim, but my overall target is to restrict my walking session to one hour or four miles. But it's great to see how far I can push the limits every now and then!

I've completed basic work on the frills of the underskirt I'm increasing the amount of can see the effect I'm after by looking at the frills falling in front of the lady's face...I've completed two layers with one to go. I've also begun work on the shading either side of her legs which you might be able to compare with the layers I've not yet started on further up...the extra shading gives a more photographic effect and seperates the layers slightly.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the underskirt then move on to completing the stockings and then the frilly knickers!


Devil Mood said...

OH I hadn't noticed the frilly knickers until now. More frills for you to dot on.

As for the walking, I'm now jealous so don't brag anymore ;P