Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tea time - 16

you've no idea how close to disaster I came to with this picture tonight. I came back from the bathroom having washed my hands, and decided it was time to take today's photograph for my blog. I firstly noticed debris from the use of my I brushed my hand across the page, the dampness on the back of my hand smudged the ink over this lady's face.A fair amount of remodelling has happened and I also had to scratch away some of the areas of paper that were turned grey .Only close observation could betray my accident, but for a moment I thought it was the end!

I've spent ages researching the folds of the frills on the underskirt.There are hordes of photos online of cancan dancers, but I have not been able to find a picture depicting the fall of the ruffles when the dancer is standing still. OK, so I have also trawled through hours of youtube footage of cancan dances which is actually not an unpleasant task, but on the whole, any views that do seem to match the stance, are generally of poor resolution. So from what I've seen and using the 'feel' that drawing such folds creates in my instincts, I've pressed ahead hoping it will look right.

On other fronts, my continued commitment to Power Walking is producing pleasing results. Approaching the end of my forth week, I am walking for 50 minutes each day covering just under three and a half miles. My goal is to extend walking time to 60 mins and cover four miles.I intend to keep my regular walk within that time frame and lessen the need for daily sessions once I've shed the weight I have accumulated. I'm on target to have shed a total of 14lbs in the four weeks I've been exercising which will be the end of this weekly weigh-in is always on Monday morning so I won't know until then.

I'm rapidly turning into a diet and excise bore, so I'll bid you farewell until tomorrow!


Gemma Parker said...

Phew! Glad you were able to save it!***

Devil Mood said...

Oh quite a fright that must have been!
I can't imagine how hard it is to create something you can't really see in front of you, plus create it out of dots!

Ah you exercise wiz!