Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tea time - 28

 I never know how faces are going to turn out...sketching them in with pencil first creates a good basis to work upon...but it's only when I erase the pencil after the initial first few dots that the face takes on it's own personality.The girl on the left is progressing quite well...but as I told you two days ago, I've struggled with girl number two. however, I've got this far and that's how it's going to I shall press on and develop them.
 I had a nice relaxing day today...I intended a rest day from  my exercise routine. this was a smart move..I now feel rested and ready to return to pounding the streets tomorrow. I also managed to watch some great tennis from Wimbledon. I think the highlight today was the match btween German Sabine Lisicki and Li Na of China. Li Na won the French Open a few weeks ago and was expected to do well on the grass. But Lisicki beat her in a thrlling three set match.


M.Ramos said...

Very nice piece...great to see u working on it =)

Niall young said...

Cheers 'M'...glad you like it...hope you enjoy seeing it grow into the piece i've envisaged for're going to be surprised !