Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sinodd - 28

As you know, regarding my work and financial situation, I've reached a crossroads..I am however committed to complete this piece and in doing so, I've returned to reading and finishing a book I was given a few years ago. 'Surrealizing the Nude' is an essay written by David Scott and published by Reaktion Books.It is the best and most inspiring book I've read not only about Paul Delvaux  (23 September 1897 – 20 July 1994) but also about Surrealism.....After reading this book I feel empowered to develop my themes and subjects.

"Whether by manoeuvring a clash of codes, creating juxtapositions or by hallucinatory images, surrealist art attempts to open up new perspectives on experiences, especially in relation to the unconscious and to desire. It often does this by attempting to eroticise the viewing process in relation to painting, both by the creation of visual tensions or problems that elicit the full mobilisation of our responses. This mobilisation is activated by a refusal to appeal only to our more conventionally coded or monitored reactions. An appeal to dream experiences, fantasy, hallucination or suppositions based on the imagined workings of the subconscious mind are brought into play in an attempt to deal with the obsessive return to the fetishistic objects and situations that characterise the surrealist painting such demands lead the beholder of surrealist art to examine afresh his or her responses to the visual image in painting in general, and to question the basis of aesthetic judgements and the conventions that form viewing habits" - David Scott, Surrealizing the Nude, 1992 .

I love this extract which you might or might not identify with.