Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Pirates of Penzance job.

I recently wrote about my regular commission to produce publicity artwork for the Rose Hill Musical Society who produce a opera by Guilbert and Sullivan each year. Next year's production is the ever popular 'The Pirates of Penzance' So I duly set about researching the story and looking at examples of artwork used by other companies...I wanted to produce something original. The first artwork i presented to the publicity officer was deemed unsatisfactory. i thought it was rather clever. I printed out music from the opera and folded an origami boat which i photographed on a plain grey back ground. i then erased the boats shadow and replaced it with a Union Flag.(see the second photo)

I was asked to produce something more "Piratey"...so I used a pirate in the picture below (I used a photo of myself to base his facial expression on ) and added a chorus of Policemen who feature in the opera. I met with the client last night who approved the composition and use of a red theme. As in both examples, I've added text purely for effect..the dates are not indicative of the actual performances. Incidentally, the heart shape on the sword was not intentional, but is actually rather fortunate in view of the opera's romantic storyline!

The original artwork will go off to the printers who will add all the necessary text with appropriate fonts. I'm really glad it's all finished as I don't do the commission for a wage. I receive a small payment as a gift in return.

* please note that all artwork is subject to copyrite and therefore is not free to copy or redistribute. I am the owner of these images. If you wish to use them or reproduce them in any way, please do not hesitate to ask!


Preeti Shenoy said...

LOVED the second one Niall. I think it is brilliant.

But the first one is great too.

The second one is so darn creative.

Love your work.(but you already know that)

Niall young said...

Preeti - thank you...I prefered the 'boat one' too. But the customer calls the tune and their satisfaction is all important.

Devil Mood said...

The boat one is really clever and looks more professional, but I don't really know what the play is like, so maybe they thought they needed something more obviously pirate-y...

haha the heart in the sword is such a lovely detail. :)