Friday, March 22, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 6

I'm enjoying this picture...I've approached certain aspects of my work quite differently this year. For a start, I've only committed to this piece after considering quite a few others...even to the point of fairly advanced sketches (if they're any good, they'll be there to draw on another time!)...I also wanted something that would express the changes I've experienced in my life.

Another significant change for my work process  this time is that  I'm not timing  how long it takes. In the past I tried to complete 5 - 6 hours work a day recording a running total of hours and minutes...this time I'm concentrating on the quality of my work...the concept of my work and my enjoyment of the process as opposed to feeling guilty if I've not completed a certain amount of time in a day.

 Calculating the price of a work by linking it to the amount of time needed to produce it has clearly not worked in the past, and that is also another reason for change. I'm not against any clock...I do not have a deadline...something like this picture is more than likely never to be bought..and certainly not having a return that matches the hundreds of hours that will go into creating it. So I'm just going to enjoy the my best and share it with you! I will also be working on it during my exhibition so that visitors can see what I do.


Devil Mood said...

I'm very pleased that you are not timing the work and are simply enjoying the process. Not that it won't have its frustrations anyway, but at least you are doing it purely focusing on the Art.