Friday, March 29, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 13

completed most of the work on the hand holding the pens...just the little bits protruding from the bottom of the hand...i'll look at those when I add the sweater in. I've spent time on the Seagull this afternoon...subtle shades means his true shape won't be seen at it's best until the background is added.

I'm not sure how much work i'll be able to do over this Easter Weekend...I'm off to church tonight and then taking my daughter out tomorrow, we were to have visited Eyam which is in the North of the County to visit the plague museum...Annie is studying the history of the plague at school. However, recent snow fall has left roads in that area impassable...snow drifts of up to 20 ft have been measured! We will probably not go...I do have to visit our local Ikea store though to buy frames for my Minipix...

Yesterday i had an email from the Arkwright Society who are hosting my exhibition which opens a week today. They have asked me if I would be interested in extending my exhibition for a further two no extra cost! So I gratefully accepted!