Monday, April 01, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 14

Having pencilled in the sweater, I'm now looking rather priestly...not intended by the way! but my jumper has stretched somewhat after a recent visit to the washing machine! to make matters worse, the jumper is black...that was'll see what I mean eventually...I love the subtle folds in the surface of the material.

Preparations for the exhibition are coming along well. I've bought frames for all my recent minipix...they look great! I have a few more to mount before I can finish the rest of the framing. It's going to be an odd week..Jan and Annie have gone away till Friday...I have to stay and help my son get ready for an interview at Bristol university on Wednesday..he has to prepare his portfolio...he's wanting to enrol on the illustration degree course..( something I wanted to do at his age but I was too timid and didn't want to leave home!) I have hired a cheap car and will drive him there! It will actually be an honour to support him...we haven't always seen eye to eye...but I'm in the process of rebuilding our relationship...much better since my Blood Pressure has been normalised and I've stopped losing my temper!