Friday, April 26, 2013

Finished Minipic ~3

I've now completed three minpics...this is good...I hope I'll be able to match that number or even better it before the Festival next weekend. It's strange this business...when i say 'business' I don't feel like i'm 'in business'...I'm doing what come naturally to me.In fact, and you'll here most artists state, that "If I don't create ...I'll explode!" It's a need..a desire...a is the very reason some of us live. but we have to live...and that means money....and that's something I have very little of. So these lovely ( yes! I call my own work 'lovely' because it is!) little 'minipics' are a means to an end. they are for the purpose of selling because people like them...I like them, otherwise I wouldn't do them!

My kids think I'm OK...they're not embarrassed to tell their friends their Dad is an artist...because artists are cool!...Artists are dangerous people...they think differently...they dress strangely and they see things others often don't. I don't feel dangerous... don't think I think differently....ok , so i dress a little bit differently, I admit. but i don't feel cool.

But i do feel incredibly blessed to be able to do what I do....


Devil Mood said...

They are quite lovely :)