Monday, April 08, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 16. Exhibition day 3

Each day seems to have it's own special's own theme. Today's theme would be something along the lines of love, support, friends and happiness. I'm not going to go into detail explaining why I arrived at the venue feeling quite in need of some human warmth...not necessarily touch, but some kindness...some caring. I have mentioned in my rather overstated kind of way that I'm finding the whole process of 'putting my heart on the wall' quite difficult in many ways. Since things in my life have taken on a very stark and at times painful reality.

A very good and dear friend Alison Beck had arranged to come down to the gallery from York with her son Josh ( who has a very keen and enthusiastic appreciation of art!)  they had kindly invited me out to lunch at the Scarthin Bookshop which is a large three story Victorian house jammed to the rafters with books new, second hand rare and limited editions...wonderful...and a very lovely little vegetarian cafĂ©. It's best described as a 'Straight out of Diagon Alley ( that's a reference to Harry Potter if you don't know) type of building with tiny tucked away rooms to discover all filled with books on shelves after shelves stretching from wall to wall, floor to ceiling.

To enable me to leave the gallery, another good friend, Amy offered to look after things for me. how wonderful was that!? I have known Amy and her husband Chris since they were both very  young ( about 5 years old I think!?) Amy came along with her three lovely children, another friend, Lisa with her daughter. Lisa took the children off to allow Amy to look after things for me. I was whisked off to lunch.

A big helping of Homity Pie...salad and lovely conversation with Ali was just what was needed. I love the fact that with your best friends, you can pick up a conversation immediately even though you've not seen each other for months.

I also had a visit from Christine, her daughter Jodie and her friend Sandra. what lovely very encouraging. ...I've ended my day at the gallery feeling quite warmed, encouraged and supported. I sold another print ( thank you Alison !) and was invited to join in supplying some of my work to a 'Pop up shop' opening in Derby in a couple of weeks! All in all a good day....I left with a smile on my face.


Devil Mood said...

I'm so glad to hear that the exhibition is going well!
What lovely friends you have there and that Bookshop sounds exactly like my kind of place :)

Niall young said...

You'd love that bookshop...Google it and you'll hopefully see some images...and yes, I do have very dear friends :