Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 19 Exhibition day 6.

It's all looking a little wishy washy around the star at the moment...but fear not...I know what i'm doing! I initially thought it would be a fairly easy matter to create the star...but looking closer, I realised that I need to convey the impression of the actual stitches...that's what creates the texture of the garment. I also of course need to be available to talk to visitors to my exhibition, so long periods of concentration are not readily available! No worry!

I continue to feel quite overwhelmed, I'm not used to my work being in demand. I really should get used to it. Being the only practitioner of full colour Hyperpointillist work in the UK, I might very well find my work being sought after. I think having gone through so much in my life having lost my health, my wife and nearly losing my mind as a result of my work, has added  something to which people can identify with...I'm not purely a novelty act. My work is coming from a man who's had/ having a life and had come through some difficult and challenging times.....fairly intact and peaceful in his skin.

Today I sold a few pieces. Well established and high earning artists will probably laugh at my relatively small earnings, but I'm chuffed to bits, it's been my most successful exhibition ever!...and having to potentially face relying on what I can earn solely for my own existence is challenging ...but that's for the future. I'm trying to live day by day at the moment. Trusting in my god for all that I have.


Devil Mood said...

Yay, what a great feeling!