Saturday, April 06, 2013

Cromford exhibition - Day 0ne.'s me again...the artistic version of Woody, that's harsh..I'm not all neuroses...I'm a gentle kind thoughtful caring sensitive if a little gullible and timid individual. but I'm learning...and a wise friend told me today that the last thing I need to do is pretend that I'm anything other than what i am...and she was right...I'm a really nice chap actually! It's true that I've been through a whole heap of life changing stuff/ still going through life changing stuff. Had my heart utterly broken...had my health almost broken, had my mind shrivelled in the darkness...and if I'd thought of trying, I'd have got a degree in melodrama and overstatement! ...but seriously folks, how could I deny the work I've produced that has lead me up to this point in my life?...even if it's not what one might expect 'decent folk' to approve of.

When you look back one day and see how my work has developed, you'll see why it is relevant to consider the products of the last few years...anyway dear reader, today was day one of my 9 days in Cromford. see above and below me sitting at my desk working on 'Rainbow Warrior'!
Today, I decided to hang 3 of my my recent pictures...perhaps you remember
'Cello'...'Quintadagio' and 'Orbits'?....

I also took along 9 of my most recent pieces ( see below ) which remain unframed...but like i said...part of the story of my life.....and guess what?...I actually sold lots of work! I'd managed to recoup the hire charge of the gallery by lunch time and went on sell a good deal more thereafter. Was wonderful to see dear friends and complete strangers who were an absolute blessing of encouragement and support turn up throughout the day.
I feel a whole lot better about things now...I guess really it's difficult to describe to someone who doesn't use visual art as a form of expression and rely on it for their living... If you'll forgive me for falling back on my imaginary degree in over statement and melodrama?...It's can best be described as putting the deepest secrets of your heart and soul on a wall for the public to see. It really is...and the approval or rejection of the viewer is in their mind that of ink , paper and an artists imagination. but to me it's the very essence of my life's experience and expression...the reason i am who i am. Yes folks!...It's that's that important to me.
 Here I am lord!....and I can be nothing else.


Tim Young said...

that person was right be who you are and be happy with who you are. it was good to see you today. i hope and pray that the rest of you time in Cromford will be a blessing.