Thursday, April 25, 2013

Minipix - The Willington job continues.

Dropped Jan at the station early this morning. She's off to India for a couple of weeks working. this means I'm in charge! Have to somehow maintain a hold on the dual role of being a busy ( well I am aren't I?) Artist and a 'Daddymummy'. Dealing with  my son's next trip to Bristol university for interview...this time no hire cars or M42 delays...he's going on the train...but has a poker hand full of train tickets....there are so many things that jostle for attention...the dish washer is now RIP..(Rust in peace!) there's always a mountain of washing up...I could bust a gut getting Will of Annie to do their share...but believe me, Kofi Annan would have difficulty negotiating a rota that would be acceptable! if I do it, there is some chance that the crockery will make it to the cupboard in it's constituent pieces...

Then there's the laundry...our washer is temperamental ...when ever you try to run a cycle it makes you loose your temper and go mental!...It only ever warms up probably one in 20 cycles...and doesn't run a spin cycle. you have to wait till it's finished (sometimes it doesn't just keeps filling up, emptying, filling up, emptying filling get the picture...!) and then programme a spin cycle making sure you press the button when the flashing light reaches 1600 revs...otherwise you have to be content with 800 and a soggy load which takes so much longer in the tumble drier!...which all uses electricity which somehow we seem to be over our regular monthly estimate...( just like the Gas!).

...and cooking ! don't get me started!...tonight for instance, my daughter was out for tea at her friend's house. I was able to cook for myself...I had to use a half uneaten meal from last night ( I say was pizza which had been eaten...and jacket potato and beans which had been left. I just nuked it in the micro wave and then grilled a Moroccan style vegi-burger to go with it. Meanwhile my son asked for a meal to be ready for he and his girl friend. So I made two more jacket potatoes, some tomatoes and cheese and broccoli things which also needed grilling. when they got back, Will ate one of the grilled thingummy bobs...and left the jacket spud and toms stating that he doesn't like potatoes and tomatoes. Oh, and his GF never wanted her meal after all. Grrrrr! I suppose I can be thankful, because I'll get to reheat them for tomorrow evening's meal now!

This of course is the daily flavour of life here at castle bonkers....

Facing the prospect of being a single man and making my way in the big bad world frankly scares me to death...well, not death exactly...that would be silly...although now I come to think about it would certainly resolve the problems of all those prospective ready meals for one and subscription to 'Lonely Guy magazine'...if one exists, which I doubt it...actually I think I'm confusing reality with that  of the Steve Martin movie!

Oh, there is of course the having to prepare for a two day arts festival..make creative..keep up with my running routine and stay sane! Which of course I do, with the help of some very wonderful friends who come under the title of 'without whom'....thank you AY,SY,WY,CBx2,DT,VP,MP,GP,JW,LT,TM,TYand a host of others!