Sunday, April 07, 2013

Rainbow Warrior 15...Exhibition day 2

I'm not being melodramatic today when I state that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...sold more work today....and met some lovely people including my old school pal Richard.( We sat next to each other on our first day at school back in 1967.) I've never sold so much work in such a short time. Quite amazing!

Was funny at one point...there were about 9 people in the gallery quietly viewing, when the string across the back of one of the pictures it fell, the picture dislodged two others. A massive crash ensued which funnily enough didn't damage the pictures...the glass remained intact....can't say the same for the nerves of the visitors though! hehe.

But seriously ...I've gone through quiet a lot of turmoil preparing this exhibition...what to and what not to the end I've decided to stand by what I have, what I've created. It's part of and is me. :)